How To Handle Hair Loss During Menopause

Ways Of Treating Thyroid Problems And Hair Loss

hair loss2 Menopause is that phase of a woman’s life where here body reduces producing hormones that are the primary cause of her periods. With the major change being no periods, there are various underlying changes that happen which are mood swings, hot flashes, changes in needs for sex, heart and bone problems and loss of hair.

Loss of hair during menopause is mainly caused due to thyroid and hormonal imbalance, stress and nutritional deficiencies in the changing body of a woman. Here are some simple daily care ways you can keep yourself balanced during the changing period.

Hair Loss During Menopause

Stress Relief

The whole idea that your body is going through this drastic change is a major cause of stress. Excess of it affects your body even adversely, worsening the situation.


It is therefore necessary to keep your mind and body calm to handle the changes positively. Get adequate sleep, do yoga and meditation to keep the mind and body relaxed and fresh. It is also important to maintain work and home routines to keep the stress from getting on you.

Nutritional Diet

Your changing body has different needs. You can no longer stick to ‘whatever you eat is good’ for your health. It is just a phase and will soon pass with you being healthy as ever by maintaining a good diet plan. Include lots of vitamins, minerals, and iron and protein rich foods in your diet.


Fruits, juices, vegetables and salads help maintaining the nutritional requirements in your body and are also beneficial in making your hair follicles strong thus preventing excess loss.

Essential Supplements

For most of us the diet plan to include nutrition in the body works well, but it is not the same for everyone. Most women are not able to consume the required nutrients through food therefore consult your doctor and take care of these requirements of your body. There are various health supplements for calcium, iron, protein etc. that are readily available and work well in most of the cases of deficiency. The whole idea is to benefit the body through food or diet supplements, whichever works.

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Hot Olive Oil Massage

Massage is a good way to improve blood circulation in the scalp and deep condition the hair roots. Olive oil has essential elements that make hair strong and shiny.

Olive Oil

Besides this, a massage is always helpful in relaxing the body. To prevent hair loss, olive oil should be massaged deeply in to the head and left overnight for deep conditioning. It cleanses the scalp and aids in removing clogs from the follicles that might be causing improper hair growth.

Hair Cosmetics

Though not the best solution but having your hair coloured or highlighted according to your skin tone helps making it look voluminous. You can also go for layered haircuts to add texture for your hair.

tight bun

Prevent making tight braids or making tight buns as one, they cause hair breakage and to make hair look flat. Besides, there are cosmetics available for hair that improve hair growth and prevent hair loss, you can try to make those work for your hair if it suits.