How To Have Healthy Hair With A Hair Weave

Hair weave can give a total modification to the appearance of a person in a non-invasive way. The original hair of an individual can be made to look different by adding further hair to cover all the natural hair with human or synthetic hair pieces. An enhanced look can be achieved in respect to the volume, length, texture and color of hair through hair weave.

Though modern technologies have made hair weaving popular, it came in to existence during the early days of ancient Egypt. In 1950s the celebrities started using hair weave to augment their looks. Wide spread use of hair weave started with the long, disco-haired era. In 1990s, straight-hair look was the style in vogue and opted for by African American women. Today, hair weaving has become an indispensable trend in the glamorous world of fashion industry.

Adding hair to the scalp can be done in two methods. In the first method, hair is braided into the scalp and woven directly to the roots of the natural hair. The second method involves in using special glue to stick the hair extension to the natural hair. Excess glue is removed with the help of special shampoo and conditioner.

Care For Weaving hair

As these extensions allow you the freedom to enjoy style, it is mandatory to understand how to have healthy hair with a hair weave. It is imperative to choose a reputed stylist to do your weave, as you need to take extensive care to protect your natural hair.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Hair Weave 

Avoid Frequent Hair Styling Products

If you get a hair weave with synthetic extensions, resist any temptations to style them frequently. The heat protection products during styling do not help in protecting synthetic extensions.  Heat damages the sleek and smooth look of the extended hair. It is possible to buy ready styled extensions to avoid styling separately.

Use Mild Shampoo And Conditioner

Use gentle baby shampoo which will keep your weaved hair shiny and long lasting. A weekly wash would keep your hair extension protected from bacterial infection. Once in 10 days try a leave-on-conditioner to further boost the shine and improve smoothness of hair. Moisturize your natural hair when it feels dry. Apply a little almond oil to keep it soft. By this you can avoid the itchy feeling which generally accompanies a weave.

Care for Weavy Hair

Avoid using hair products with Vaseline or mineral oil as it may clog the scalp. Unlike synthetic extensions, human extensions need lesser maintenance. You can do hair styling but with extra care. Tips For Healthy Hair After Hair Weave Use heat protection products before blow drying or using straightening irons. This will protect the locks from any damage. Washing them often with a good shampoo and conditioner will help to retain the natural look of your hairand will keep your scalp clean.

Gentle combing on wet hair, using a large tooth comb is favorable as it promotes the shine and makes your hair look healthy. Be it synthetic or human hair, both need care as they can tangle very easily. Having loose hair, while at sports will end up with greater tangle.

Hence plaiting or a pony tail will help in safe guarding it. Soft bristle brushes work gently on tangles. Use low heat to blow dry your hair before going to sleep. How to have healthy hair with a hair weave can be dealt with by using the right hair care products to increase the life of weaved hair. Avoid wearing a hair weave for more than two months as the weave may get worn out and matted. Before the next weave, give a breather to your natural hair to save it from damage.

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