How To Keep Hair Healthy In Braids


How To Keep Hair Healthy In Braids Braids are stylish and a great way to manage wavy and rough hair! But the question which a lot of braid enthusiasts ask is if braids are safe for the hair or not.

The answer to this query is simple – braids are one of the best possible ways to keep you hair healthy and strong as long as you know how to take care of those braids.

Guidelines for Braided Hair Care 

Whether you have braid extensions or have natural hair braid, you must know how to keep them healthy and shiny. Ignore this and you might end up with tangled and flaky braids that will lead to significant hair fall.

Scalp Treatment

To make a natural cleanser for your braided hair, mix baking powder with water and apply the paste onto the scalp by using a toothbrush. Rinse this off by making another liquid mixture that has apple cider, vinegar, and water. Follow this cleansing process before you can apply shampoo onto the hair.

Shampoo and Conditioning

The next step to your cleansing process for braids is washing it.  To keep the braided hair healthy, you must shampoo it once a week using a residue-free product. Do not lather the shampoo in your hair but use your palms for lathering and then massage it onto the scalp.

healthy braided hair

Let it sit on your head for around 10 minutes before you rinse it out. Shampooing is usually not enough, so always follow it up with a deep conditioning routine or hot oil treatment. This keeps the hair hydrated for a long time. One can also use shea butter as a conditioning treatment for a healthy shine.

Drying Process

If you want healthy hair, the first thing that you need to do after washing the hair is to dry it thoroughly. If you are not thorough with this step then you end up rotting you hair that might result in mildew formation. For drying the hair properly, use an absorbent towel that can help you squeeze out extra water easily.

Avoid Oil and Styling Products

To keep the hair healthy, avoid using any styling product that has oil in it. Braids exposed to oil can matt easily making maintenance of healthy braided hair all the more difficult.

caring for braided hair

If you notice any mats, it is recommended that you clip it and remove the braids as soon as possible.

Night Care

Most braids become fuzzy due to the twisting and turning in bed. To avoid such frictions, always cover your head with a silk scarf that can hold the braids together.

Prevent Itching

Healthy hair is usually itch free; to maintain the health of braided hair you can simply make a spray solution using witch hazel and tea tree oil or peppermint oil. Put this mixture in a spray bottle and spray it regularly onto your scalp to prevent itching. This can be done on the days when you do not shampoo your hair.

Time Period for Wearing Braids

For healthy braided hair, do not keep it braided for more than two months. Cleansing and redoing braids can only help you maintain healthy hair for two months and if you leave it in for more than two months then it can result in major hair loss.