How To Keep The Hair Cuticle Healthy


We all dream of having a soft, healthy and glossy hair. A beautiful hair can make you look gorgeous naturally. We often spend long hours in styling our tresses and trying different hair care products. But we generally tend to overlook the hair cuticles which form a protective layer at the end of each strand of hair.

We expose our hair to chemical treatments, strong dyes, colours and pollution on a regular basis. These factors cause considerable damage to the hair cuticle. As a result, the hair loses its natural shine and lustre. The damaged cuticles will invariably make your hair look dull, rough and lifeless. You will also notice many split ends in your hair. However, you can follow some easy steps on a habitual basis to save your hair cuticles from getting damaged.

Tips To Keep The Hair Cuticle Healthy

Apply Hair Products Wisely

Do not get lured by different hair products available in the market. You have to choose your shampoo and conditioner very carefully. Opt for a mild shampoo and a deep moisturising conditioner. You should also avoid products that have strong chemical ingredients. Do not wash your hair too frequently with a shampoo. This will over-dry your hair and damage the cuticles.

Choosing hair products

Apply conditioner generously on your hair, especially towards the end lengths to keep the cuticles soft and nourished. You can also use olive oil or coconut oil to deep condition your hair at least once every week. The various styling therapies rob the hair off its natural moisture. To keep the hair moisturised, you should use a good conditioner and serum on a regular basis.

Keep Styling Products At Bay

You might have subjected your hair to several chemical treatments in order to change your appearance from time to time. But, such therapies leave your hair damaged and brittle. Therefore, you have to stay away from curling irons, hair straighteners and blow dryers which make your hair frizzy and coarse. Dry your hair with a towel and do not forget to apply a suitable conditioner after colouring your hair.

Be Gentle Towards Your Hair

Your hair also needs utmost care and protection like your skin. Avoid using too many hair accessories which will cause your hair to split. Combing is also an important routine in maintaining a healthy hair.

Keep your hairs healthy

Use wide toothed combs to detangle your hair easily. Avoid brushing your hair too frequently. Treat your hair with delicate care and do not touch it constantly to keep off tangles.

Eat The Right Food

Food plays the most important role in keeping your hair healthy from inside. If you eat the right kind of diet, you are definitely going to be the proud owner of a beautiful mane. You have to include lots of fresh vegetables and fruits in your daily diet.

Keep Hair Healthy

Include food items like almonds, walnuts, berries, cauliflowers, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, avocado, apricots, kiwi, olives, mushroom, spinach, banana, legumes, broccoli, oatmeal, egg whites, black beans, lean chicken breast and fishes like tuna and salmon. You can also incorporate Vitamin H supplements in your diet to make your hair look healthy from the inside out.

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