How To Keep The Hair Healthy During Summer Months


Hair is the most important part of a woman’s personality; they enhance her beauty, feminity & sexuality. It is a treasure that every woman seeks yet takes it for granted. Hair is often the most neglected part of your body but it can be really harmful especially during summers.

You might want to spend some time relaxing on the beach or going for a little swim in the pool but at all those times do not forget to take good care of your hair. Here we are giving some handy tips which will tell you how to keep the hair healthy during summer months.

Simple Hair Care Tips For Summer

Hair Protection From Sun

When you are out in the sun the harmful ultra violet rays damages the keratin protein of the hair which leads to hair breakage, hair fall, dry & fizzy hair. Hence, always cover your head with a hat or a head wrap while going out. If you have long hair make braid or a bun so that your entire hair does not get exposed to the harsh sun light.

Hair Care In Summers

Do’s And Don’ts For Hair In Summer

Do not tie tight pony as it will cause more hair fall because pony create splits from the middle of the hair. Rather pull your hair back using hair bands or hairpins if you have smaller hair. Do not use hair dryer or curlers as will suck the moisture out of you hair.

Do wash your hair daily using cold water as sweat will make your scalp sticky & infection prone. Wash your hair with shampoo at least thrice a week and always use conditioner afterwards. See whether your shampoo contains sodium laureth sulphate as this chemical severely damages the hair. Use natural hair products as much as possible. Do drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Use Hair Oils For Smooth Hair

Hair Care

If your hair becomes too dry, apply jojoba oil. Massage it gently on to your scalp & hair, leave it overnight and wash it in the morning. It will make your hair smooth & shiny.

Avoid Too Much Chlorine Exposure In Pool

Avoid long swims in the pool as the chlorine present in the pool water damages your hair leaving it dull & dry. If you are going for swimming, dampen your hair before entering the pool as it will reduce the chlorine absorption in the hair. Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo immediately after swimming as it will remove the residual chlorine from your scalp & hair.

Never shampoo before swimming as it will make your hair more prone to damage. You can even go for hot oil treatment for your hair twice a month. It will also soften your hair & repair damage. Ask your hair stylist for hair products that offer sun protection like sprays or creams.

If you have colored hair you need to take extra care of them. Always wear hat or scarf while going out and use hair products that are specially meant for colored hair as harsh sunlight will result in faster fading of your hair colour. Use shea butter treatment for dry & fizzy hair. Eat lots of protein like eggs, fish & nuts.

You can even use protein supplements after consulting your doctor. It will make your hair naturally shining & healthier. The best mantra for summers is to keep it simple & hygienic. And now when you know the secret of beautiful hair go and enjoy the sun shine.


Rekha Samavedula