How To Keep Your Hair Healthy During The Seasons

Hair care throughout all seasons can be a tough task, providing all the harmful effects that every season brings along with it. All of us have some hair worries throughout the year.

Summer season makes hair very moist and oily whereas dry and brittle in winters. Monsoon can make your hair lifeless. Therefore, every season demands that you follow a strict hair care regime to have beautiful, strong and lustrous hair during all seasons. To know how to keep your hair healthy during the seasons is exactly what this article tells you.

Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy During The Seasons

Right Shampoo For All Seasons

As mentioned above, seasons bring in different hair problems. When your hair becomes oily during summer, it is advised to use a shampoo that is oil free to avoid itching. Winter may need a shampoo that maintains the oil balance of the hair without making it too dry.

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Also, it should treat the most common winter hair problem which is dandruff. Using the right kind of shampoo and knowing its ingredients are very important. Some shampoos have alcohol that makes your hair frizzy and dry. Avoid using such products that cause more harm than any good.

Condition Your Hair During All Seasons

No matter how many shampoos you change according to seasons, make sure to have one good conditioner that works best all the year. What is a good conditioner? It is one that suits your hair, brings it back to life and protects from the harmful agents in the atmosphere like dust and impurities.

Conditioning your hair is as important as you shampoo. However, shampooing of hair everyday is strictly prohibited to avoid dryness and hair fall. However, leave-in conditioners can be used more than often to give your hair some boost to sustain the harsh weather. There are many protein conditioners that you can use to give your hair the necessary ingredient for long and beautiful hair.

Avoid Using Curlers And Hot Irons For Hairstyling

Using too much of hair products such as curlers or irons can cause great damage all through the seasons. In summers, too much heat of irons can make it frizzy and more prone to split ends. Therefore, be careful and use heat protection creams before you start to straighten or curl.

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There are many hair mousses available that help to protect the hair from external damage. Use products with anti-humectants pomade that helps hair free from being frizzy. Lemon tea tree products are the best to use in summers to avoid too much oil in hair. It easily stops any oil building up during the hot season.

Apart from the above hair care tips for all seasons, one must follow a healthy eating diet. Vegetables and fruits provide the necessary anti-oxidants to flush out toxins from the body which results in beautiful skin and radiant hair. Drink plenty of water, especially during summer season to avoid getting dehydrated. Winter often sees dry hair, make sure to oil your hair before shampoo. It maintains the oil balance as well as help to get shiny and strong hair.