How To Keep Your Hair Shiny & Strong

Get Shiny and strong hair The health of the hair is determined by the shine, beauty and strength of the hair. In order to improve and maintain the strength and shine of the hair, it is very important to take proper care of the hair.

A proper hair care routine, consisting of regular washing, conditioning and oiling would help in keeping the hair shiny and strong. Here follows a brief discussion on hair care tips to attain healthy and shiny hair.

Tips To Attain Shiny And Strong Hair 

Hair Washing

The very first and important step is to wash the hair twice or thrice in a week. Do not wash the hair daily, as daily shampooing strips off natural oils from the hair, thus making the hair dry and dull. Further, you need to choose the right kind of shampoo for your hair type. For example, if you have dry hair, you need to opt for a moisturizing shampoo. Choice of inappropriate shampoo may ruin the health of the hair.

Hair Conditioning

Conditioning the hair after the shampooing process would help in making the hair shiny and lustrous. The strength and beauty of the hair would be improved with the help of regular conditioning. You should also deep condition the hair every fortnight to improve the beauty and health of the hair.

Get shiny and strong hair

There are several kinds of deep conditioners available in the market. Choose the one suitable for your hair. You can also make use of homemade deep conditioner, if you prefer natural hair care strategies. A mix of honey and avocado pulp works as a very effective homemade deep conditioner.


Oiling the hair twice a week is a very important hair care activity which helps in stimulating the scalp and improving the strength and shine of the hair. Oils like olive oil, rosemary oil, jojoba oil, almond oiland coconut oil are considered to be quite effective.

Get shiny and strong hair

Choose any one of these oils and massage the scalp at night. Let the oil lubricate the scalp and the hair throughout the night, and then wash the hair next day in the morning. This process of oiling the hair and the scalp should be carried out twice in a week to attain shiny and strong hair.

Avoid Heat

Heat is very harmful for the hair shafts. The hair tends to break due to exposure to heat. It is very important to limit the exposure of the hair to heat. The heat from the sun can be quite damaging for the hair, consequently making the hair dry and brittle. Therefore, an individual should wear a hat or scarf before going out in the sun to prevent hair damage due to sun’s heat.

Also, the heat generated from blow dryer, curling iron and flat iron is very harmful for the health of the hair. These hair styling equipments are convenient ways of styling the hair, but the use of them makes the hair dry, rough and weak. Therefore, it is suggested to opt for natural hair styling methods and avoid the use of heat generating hair styling equipments to attain strong and healthy hair.