How To Keep Your Hair Shiny


Shiny hair care tips We all look at our favorite movie stars and wonder how they maintain such rich and shiny looking hair. The answer to glossy looking hair is not high maintenance routines but regular hair care that can also be extremely budget-friendly. Having soft and shiny hair not only helps polish your personality but it also helps you style in different ways.

Hair Maintenance Tips To Get Shiny Hair

Shampoo and Conditioning

While shampoo shopping, make sure that the products you buy have no ammonia or sodium lauryl sulfate. Opt for shampoo and conditioners that mainly constitute natural ingredients. This is an important aspect as this will help restore the natural oils that are basically wiped off your scalp due to over usage of chemical products.

While washing your hair, make sure that you do not wash off all the hair conditioner. This is important because the conditioner nourishes your hair and rinsing it off totally will not allow your hair to benefit from the ingredients. Pour water into the hair and wash off the excess conditioner without making it squeaky clean.

Regular Hair Cut

Keep your hair shiny

To maintain shiny and healthy hair, one must understand the importance of trimming at regular intervals. If not trimmed, hair ends can look dull and lifeless affecting the quality of your overall hair. So, always trim it at the end.

Minimal Use of Heat

Lastly, avoid using excessive heat on the hair. Regular ironing and use of blow dryers can rob your hair of the shine and make it look extremely dull and, in some cases, frizzy. If you want to have soft textural hair then avoiding this is a great idea.

Homemade Remedies For Shiny Hair

There is more than one homemade remedy that can help you infuse and maintain hair shine for long period of time. One of the best remedy that is often used by people is a mixture of mayonnaise and avocado oil. Depending on the hair length and volume, mix 2 tablespoon of avocado oil into one cup of mayonnaise.

If you do not have avocado oil then you can only use mayonnaise and it is also effective. Once mixed, use it as a conditioner and leave it on the hair for over 3 hours. Once you have spread it covering the entire scalp, wrap the hair with a plastic for the remaining hours. After the time lapses, one can rinse it off thoroughly with a regular shampoo and conditioner.

That is not all! You can also use eggs for shiny results. Depending on the hair length, one can crack eggs separating the yolk and egg white. Into the yolk mix olive oil and mix it and use it as a conditioner. Rinse it after 5-6 minutes with cold water.

shiny hair care tips

If you are averse to egg smelling scalp, then you can use a conditioner made of Aloe Vera and honey. To make this conditioner, all you need is to mix equal parts of Aloe Vera gel and honey. This is also a great remedy for people suffering from dry hair problems.

Coffee is another popular kitchen item that can be used for hair darkening and also for keeping your hair shiny. All you need to do is to brew some regular coffee, cool it, and pour it into your dry hair. Let it sit on the hair for approximately 30 minutes then rinse it off with the shampoo and conditioner. This is a great method of making your hair darker too.

Of course, there are other homemade remedies that work well for any type of hair and infuse a shine and gloss that we desire for. Other prominent and very popular remedies include the use of apple cider vinegar before shampooing on a weekly basis; use of plain yoghurt for about 30 minutes before shampooing it off.

Eating Right for Shiny and Glossy Hair

Shiny hair might look good but it is actually very tricky to maintain and features the use of right hair products along with the right intake of food. When it comes to healthy and shiny hair, one must not ignore the importance of the food we eat. Hence, have a healthy lifestyle and that is often reflected on the overall condition of your hair. Eat a lot of proteins that is readily available in lean meat, beans, and dairy products and Omega-3s that is found in salmon, walnuts, fish oil supplements, and herring.