How To Make Coarse Hair Fine

You can draw more downsides from the coarse hair than its positives. They are not only tightly curled, but also difficult to maintain. This makes it very frustrating to style them. Though the natural feel of the hair is always permanent, with some tricks up the sleeve, it is possible to thin down the volume of the hair.

Ways To Make Coarse Hair Fine 

Make An Appointment With Your Hairdresser

Make Coarse Hair Fine

This should be the first of your thoughtful steps. It would be wise to go for a professional advice rather than experimenting anything on your own. Your hairdresser will be able to impart professional help that can potentially stop you from damaging your hair, if you hadn’t approached your makeup man. He/she can use special equipment like thinning scissors, a relaxer, or a chemical straightener to make your coarse hair finer.

Treating Coarse Hair At Home

If you want to work on your hair at home, shampoo and then condition your hair with products that are specially manufactured for coarse hair. These shampoos specially develop the surface of your hair and make them thinner. Thin hair then becomes easier to deal with. But be careful with the products you are using and be sure that they are safe. Do not overuse in a hurry to bring in results faster.

Dry The Hair In The Right Way

It is important that you dry your hair in the correct direction. This means you should start from the roots and reach to the tips. A paddle brush will be more than handy as it can make your hair smoother and more polished.

How To Make Coarse Hair Fine

Neatly polished hairs are easier to cope with. When you dry your hair, dry them in sections. Doing so brings down the possibility of hair loss as well.

Use Serum For Coarse Hair

Serum plays an important part in bringing down the coarseness of the hair. It also helps in smoothing the hair follicle. This results in an overall thinning of the hair and they look finer than before. The use of serum, however, should be done in proportion to your hair. Excessive use serum can make your hair sticky and inert. This will have a negative impact on the overall growth of the hair too.

Use Moisturizing Treatment

Apply the moisturizing treatment not more than twice a week. Actually once a week is fine too.  You do not need to spend a huge amount on moisturizing treatment. You can use mayonnaise, which is easily available in your house. Use it uniformly on the hair. Wash it off after one hour. Use shampoo for better effects.

At the same time, you can use jojoba oil or olive oil as hot oil treatment. Make the oil lukewarm and apply directly to your hair. Do not wash for about 15 to 20 minutes. When you wash your hair, wash them thoroughly. Just remember not to use a lot of force when washing or it will loosen the hair strands.

These tips will give you better results when you intend to make your coarse hair fine. But remember, these tips will only have a temporary effect. The natural texture of your hair will always remain the same.

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