How To Make Hair Healthier And Thicker

How To Make Hair Healthier And Thicker Have you noticed that the hair of every celebrity you know are thick, healthy, and shining every time? It seems like a dream for people who suffer from thinning and lackluster strands that refuses to be thick and healthy irrespective of the hair regime one follows.

Steps To Get Healthy and Thick Hair

There are a few hair care tips that can help you convert your lifeless looking hair to thick strands that are not only shining but also healthy and without split ends.

Shampooing and Conditioning

Always use a volumizing shampoo that contains Vitamin B3. While shampooing always concentrate on the follicles and lather on the crown of the head to make the hair along the roots fuller. Also, using volumizing conditioner is a great idea as this concentrates on adding extra volume onto the hair ends. Avoid putting any conditioner on the scalp as this can weigh the hair down making the hair look thin.

Hair Massage

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This is one of the most important things to do – if you want hair that is thick. Massaging the scalp on a regular basis will increase blood circulation on the scalp – this increases the volume of the hair while making it healthy too.

Essential Oils

Regular oil massage with essential oils such as chamomile, lavender, geranium, or thyme thickens the hair considerably. To massage the scalp with the oil, apply around 20 drops of the oil onto the scalp and rub down the hair strands. You can also mix a few drops of it with your shampoo and wash your hair with this for healthy and lustrous hair. Apart from this, one can also use one of the essential oils for deep conditioning. Your choice of using essential oils could be any but your results will be the same – long, lustrous, and healthy hair.

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Chemical Treatments

We all have heard that chemical treatments and styling products are bad for the hair, but one fact cannot be denied that they can also make your hair strands thick by expanding the hair shaft. Regardless of their effect, one must use chemical and styling products as less as possible because these can damage the hair texture. If you still want to use blow dryers to get optimal result then tease your hair and use a paddle brush for best affect.

Hair Products

Apart from the regular shampoo and conditioner, you can also use thickening spray that can be applied onto the damp hair. Also, using toot lifters can be great option to lift the hair roots and make it thicker from the scalp.

hair care products

One can also try using a hair thickening serum overnight to make one’s hair stronger and volumized for the following few days.

Healthy Hair Diet

Lastly, consume products that contribute in a strong foundation for health hair. Pick food items that are rich in Vitamins and fatty acids such as salmon, dark green vegetables, nuts, and beans. Also, including items rich in iron helps in healthy growth of hair; few of the best options for iron loaded food items are pork, lamb, and grain products.