How To Make Hair Thicker & Smoother


How to get thicker hair Thick and smooth hair is the reflection of healthy hair. In order to obtain naturally smooth and thick hair, it is important to follow a proper diet plan, take proper care of your hair and follow adequate hair styling methods. Here follows a few effective tips to attain thick and smooth hair.

Tips To Get Thicker & Smoother Hair

Shampooing And Conditioning The Hair

It is suggested to make use of conditioner and shampoo that suit your hair the best. Also, the hair products should contain natural ingredients which do not strip off natural oils from the hair. The hair would become smooth and thick with the help of use of right hair care products.

Further, it is also important to limit the hair washing process to only two times in a week. Excessive washing causes loss of natural moisture from the hair, thus making the hair dry and brittle. Leave in conditioner should also be used on the hair which would help in keeping the hair shiny and smooth, without weighing down the health of hair.

Hair Trimming

Get Thicker Hair

The hair should be trimmed on regular basis, so as to prevent the formation of split ends and to keep the hair ends in good health. The hair would grow fast and thick if you make it a point to go for regular hair trimming.

Hair Styling Equipments

As far as possible, it is advised to keep the hair away from heat. Exposing the hair to heat can ruin the health of the hair, by way of making the hair dry and brittle. So, it is advised to avoid using curling iron, blow dryer or flat iron on the hair for hair styling. Try to style the hair naturally to keep the hair in proper health.

Dietary Habits

Get Thicker Hair

You should not forget the role of healthy diet when discussing about growing thick hair. You would be naturally able to attain shiny and thick hair, if you follow a healthy diet plan focusing on the intake of fresh fruits and green vegetables.


Keeping the hair properly hydrated is one of the best ways to attain smooth and thick hair. By drinking ample amount of water daily, the hydration needs of the hair would be met, which would consequently help in improving the health, thickness and strength of the hair.


Chemicals treatments play a great toll on the health of the hair. So, if you want to keep the hair healthy and strong, it is important you prevent the exposure of the hair to chemicals. Regularly exposing the hair to chemicals ruins the health of the hair and makes the hair dry and brittle. Therefore, you should refrain from hair perming and hair coloring which involve excessive use of chemicals, so that you are able to keep the hair in good health, thus helping to attain thick and smooth hair.

The above given tips would help in improving hair growth, hair shine and hair thickness. You need to implement these tips in regular life to naturally attain healthy and thick hair.