How To Make Thin And Oily Hair Appear Thicker


Make Thin And Oily Hair Appear Thicker Having thin hair is a problem – add an oily scalp to it and the problem doubles. Oily hair are not only tough to style they are even more difficult to maintain, & manage. But there is a solution for all your hair problems and so there is a solution for this too!

Simple but Effective Hair Techniques

Thin hair can appear thinner and finer if you have an oily scalp. Here are easy hair techniques that can make your hair look thicker rather instantly.

Using the Correct Shampoo

Start by using a volumizing shampoo. While washing focus on the roots and remove any excess oil that has accumulated on the scalp. This gets rid of the dead skin cells on the scalp making your hair more bouncy. One can also opt for homemade shampoo that will treat the greasy scalp that often hinders with hair growth – thus, affecting the thickness of the hair.

care for thin oily hair

To make the shampoo, you need to blend together purified talc, rosemary oil, tea tree oil, and lavender oil. Use this mixture instead of a regular shampoo and get rid of the greasiness and oiliness of the scalp. This homemade shampoo also adds volume as the hair is no longer weighed down by the oiliness of the scalp.

Use Hair Mousse

Opt for volume enhancing creams and mousse that will lift up the appearance of the hair. Application of hair products must be done when the hair is still wet for best results as the moisture can be locked into the strands easily.

Hair Styling

To make your hair look thicker instantly, one has to use hair styling tools. Using a hair dryer and rollers are mandatory in such cases. For immediate effect, part your hair into separate sections and start brushing on the underside of the hair while you slowly blow dry it on the top.

styling thin and oily hair

Drying the hair in this manner adds volume to the hair at its root and makes the hair shaft look thicker. While brushing the hair back, use a hairspray to smoothen the top layer of the hair. This method will make you hair look thicker from the front. Remember not to overuse the hair dryer and styling tools. These are a good solution if and when you need instant volume but one must not resort to these techniques on a regular basis.

Use of Right Combs

While styling is important, one must also use the right combs for styling. Without the proper combs you will not be able to style your hair properly and also not achieve the right amount of volume in the hair. If adding thickness is you agenda then you will need to use a back comb and a small tooth comb for this purpose.


If you are looking for a permanent solution to your problems of thin hair then one must include consumption of hair thickening vitamin into your diet. This naturally solves the problem from the root and enhances better growth of hair.

Healthy Diet

Like Vitamins, one must have a balanced diet that can uproot your hair thinning problem. Diets including high amount of calcium and zinc is essential; hence, make sure you include it in your daily diet because you hair needs proper nutrition to grow thick.