How To Make Thin Hair Look Fuller In Braids


Thin Hair Look Fuller In Braids Braiding is often the easiest hair maintenance technique. Whether you have medium hair or long hair; rough hair or straight hair – all can be easier to maintain if you braid the hair. But one of the biggest problems with braids is that if you hair is thin then your braids might look lifeless and stringy.

Tips for Thin Hair but Thick Braids

So, what do you do to make your braids fuller? The answer lies in simple hair care styling that can help you get fuller braids. These tips are often a chance to understand that simple things we do can often make or break things; hence, understand that these tips are important even if it seems too simple to be effective.


One of the most important aspects of braiding is to remove any tangles on the hair. Free all the knots with a brush and comb and make sure that your hair is tangle-less before you start tying the braids. This will minimize the occurrence of split ends and also stop hair fall.

Instructions for Tying Braids

The simplest mode of thickening your braids is to divide the hair into minimum of three sections. Pin these sections and comb and style these sections separately. Also, back comb the sections individually using gentle strokes. This will instill a fluffy and volumizing look to the thin hair. But do not overdo back combing because it might tangle the sections together and will make it difficult for you to make separate braids. Also, long hair will require more back combing than other length of hair.

Fuller Braid hair

One the braiding is done, make sure than you gently tug the sides of the hair to loosen the hair. This might seem unnecessary if you like your braids to be neat and tidy; but this is an important step that helps in making your braids look thicker and fuller with the simplest of tug.

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Using Hairspray

The braids need to be sprayed with a hairspray if you want to add thickness to your braids and make it look fuller in volume. For the perfect spraying affect, hold the spray around 8 inches from the hair and lightly spray it on your braid.

Air Drying

make thin hair look fuller

Another important aspect of making thick braids is the use of air dryers before braiding. To air dry properly, spread the hair over your shoulders and then start to air dry. This prevents the hair from clumping.

Hair Extension

To make your braids fuller, one can always use hair extensions that are readily available in parlors. There are innumerable options and you can pick and choose as per your requirement. To make the most effective impression, have your hair extensions fixed by a professional and then start the braiding. This is one of the easiest ways to add thickness to your braids immediately.

Hair Products

Lastly, always use volumizing hair products including shampoos, conditioners, and hair serums. These products are made to add volume to your braids; hence, using these will effectively make your braids thick.