How To Make Your Hair Look Shiny In Crimps

The only formulae for shiny hair is eat well and stay healthy. If you want shiny hair you need to follow proper diet. Eat lots of  leafy and green vegetables, nuts and all those which are rich in Vitamin E and enough protein.

This helps in increasing your hair volume giving it the right shine. Use of natural oils gives the extra protection to your hair leaving a polished look. Avoid over-washing your hair before you start crimping. All you need is a shampoo, conditioner and oil conditioning treatment, blow dryer, iron (if necessary), crimping iron and hair spray.

Simplest Way To Get The Right Crimps

Wash your hair properly, use a heat activated shampoo and conditioner for better results. If you want intense crimps only then use a crimping iron. After conditioning rinse your hair with coldwater, this helps in contraction of the hair strand. It leaves the edges of the strand flat and smooth.

Get shiny Crimpse

A deep conditioning oil product works wonders to the hair, it nourishes your hair and gives a strong glossy effect. You can use either Bioinfusion or Moroccan Oil, both the brands are good. If you are in a hurry blow dry your hair for faster results, else it is always good to let your hair dry naturally. When the hair is a little numb straighten your hair with a flat iron this will smoothen your roots and tips before crimping.

Separate your hair into two half’s, this helps you get the work done with leaving any part of the hair undone. Now, use a crimping iron to start the crimping process. Start crimping from roots to the end. Mist your hair and spray a hair spray from 10 inches away from your hair. Use a good quality hair spray to set and style your hair after crimping.

Crimp Your Hair According To Your Hair Type

Straight Hair

For straight hair start from the top layer of the hair, crimp it in a three-Inch section for better results.

Crimped Hair

Wavy Hair

First blow dry your hair with a round brush and smoothen, this makes your crimps look more defined.

Curly Hair

It is necessary to straight hair you hair for those who are having curly hair. Only then the crimp will be shown. For relaxed hair you need to hold the crimping iron for only 2-3 seconds to prevent your hair from getting damaged. You can also style your hair accordingly once you crimp your hair. These are some of the hair styles which look best with crimped hair.

Retro 80s Look

Big messy hair was the hottest trend in the 80’s, which is now back. If you are having long straight hair you can go with this look as it adds more volume to your hair. Crimp your hair from root to tips, brush it to loosen the curls. There you go, ready for a classic party look.

Crimped Bob Look

Crimped Hairstyle

If you have short or medium hair go for this style. It looks just awesome on you. This look can be worn on any occasion. With the crimped bob look you can style it in different ways, leave your hair open, wear it bangs or accessorize one side of it.

Rekha Samavedula