How To Make Your Hair Soft And Shiny At Home

Get soft and shiny hair Have you always been complaining of your dry and dull hair? Have you always wanted to have luscious and soft hair? If yes, then this is the right place for you! In this article, you will learn a few effective tips of attaining soft and shiny hair at the comfort of your home. You need not go to any salon to attain shiny and soft hair.

Ways To Attain Shiny And Soft Hair

Be gentle With Your Hair

First of all, you need to play very gently with your hair. You need not rub the hair vigorously with the towel after the hair washing process. The hair may break, if you rub it harshly, and may also lose their shine. Further, you need to make use of comb with wide teeth to get rid of tangles from the hair.

Avoid The Exposure Of The Hair To Heat

The use of blow dryer, flat iron, hot rollers and curling iron helps in imparting shine and style to the hair on temporary basis. In the long run, these equipments are very harmful for the health of the hair.

Soft and shiny hair

The hair becomes dull, dry and brittle due to regular use of heat generating hair styling equipments. Therefore, in order to maintain the natural shine and softness of the hair, it is advised to play naturally with the hair, without using heat based styling equipments.

Olive Oil Massage

Olive oil scalp massage works as a very good treatment for the hair. The hair would become naturally shiny and soft with the aid of twice a week oil based scalp massage. The problems of hair dryness and hair frizz would be eliminated and you would be able to attain naturally soft and shiny hair with the help of olive oil scalp massage.

Massage the scalp at night with warm olive oil and allow the oil to stay on the hair all through the night. Thereafter, shampoo and condition the hair next day in the morning. The shine, health and softness of the hairwould be naturally improved with the help of this treatment.

Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning treatment works wonders with respect to attaining shiny and soft hair. The hair are lubricated from deep inside with the help of deep conditioning treatment, consequently helping to improve the shine and health of the hair. A homemade deep conditioning pack of mayonnaiseis considered to be quite effective.

Get soft and shiny hair

A pack made of avocado pulp and honey also works as a very good treatment for the hair. The deep conditioning packshould be allowed to stay on the head for around an hour before rinsing it off with water.

Stay Away From Chemical Products

It is suggested to avoid the exposure of the hair to chemicals as far as possible to attain naturally shiny, soft and healthy hair. Go for natural hair styling techniques, rather than going for hair perming and hair coloring methods, as these treatments make extensive use of chemicals, which ruin the health of the hair, consequently making the hair dry and lusterless.