How To Make Your Own Hairspray At Home


hairspray Many a times, we wish to style our hair in a particular manner and keep it like that for a few hours or an entire day. But due to weather conditions or external factors, we are unable to do so. One of the best solutions to maintain a specific hairstyle is by making use of a hairspray which can work wonders in doing so.

However, a hairspray could cost you a lot of money and also expire in a few months. A great alternative is to make a hairspray at home using extremely simple and cheap ingredients and use it as and when desired.

Tips To Make Your Own Hairspray

Picking The Right Ingredient 


It is very important for you to pick the right ingredient for your hairspray. Oranges are considered to be a great ingredient as they not only help you to keep the style on for hours but are easily available too and make your hair soft when applied as a spray. Take a fresh orange, peel it and cut it into 7 to 8 thin slices.

Boil The Oranges 

boil the oranges

After you have cut the oranges into thin slices, put them all in a big pan and put it on the gas stove. To this add 2 and a half cups of water and boil this mix for a minimum of half an hour over medium flame. This will help to reduce the amount of water in the pan by half.

Strain The Hairspray

Remove the mixture from flame when you see that the water has become half of its original quantity and the orange and water mix has started thickening and boiling well. Let it cool down on the countertop.

Now take the help of a fine strainer and strain the entire mix properly. Keep stirring the mix as your pour it to ensure that nothing remains in the pan. Now press the pulp on the strainer to take out maximum juice and then put the remaining orange in the dustbin as it is of no use to us.

Add An Essential Oil 

jasmine oil

Though this step is optional, we recommended our users to follow it for best results. Add 2 to 3 drops of basil, eucalyptus or jasmine all which are essential oils and help to give the hairspray a wonderful fragrance and a thicker consistency. In order to mix it really well in the hairspray, you should add it very slowly, drop by drop.

Refrigeration Of The Hairspray 

Refrigeration plays a very important role while making a hairspray as without this step, your hairspray will not get the desired consistency. Place the mix in the refrigerator and not the freezer compartment for an hour and then take out so that you can pour it in a bottle.


Just making the hairspray is not enough as it needs to be stored in the correct manner so that it stays fresh for 2 weeks easily. Take the refrigerated mix and pour it slowly in a small bottle with a spray nozzle so that it can be sprayed from the bottle when needed.


Your hairspray is ready! However, it is important to store the hairspray in the refrigerator at all times and only take it out when you need to use it on your hair and refrigerate again. Use the spray within 2 weeks of making it.