How To Manage Curly & Dry Hair

curly and dry hair All that we crave for is none other than beautiful hair and it helps in making an individual look beautiful, pretty therefore enhancing the self-confidence of a person. Lustrous and healthy hair makes a person look more appealing and it is a unique selling point of a person.

Curly and frizzy hair can be very tedious to handle and many problems may crop up. It can be lead to handling and styling problems, makes it look dull, dandruff problems etc. It can be caused due to internal and external factors being dyeing or coloring of hair, chlorine water, shampoo etc. There are various remedies available which work well and they help in management of such hair. They are:-

Tips To Manage Curly And Dry Hair

Regular Application of Oil

Regular oiling of hair twice a week is very effective in attaining beautiful and lustrous hair. A mixture of a few spoons of olive, almonds, coconut oil should be first made lukewarm and not overheated in a pan.

Massage the scalp

A proper massage of oil to the scalp helps in removal of dandruff and acts as a lubricant to the hair. After oiling the hair should be engulfed in a towel or a shower cap for some minutes and then washed for lustrous hair. A hair spa every month is very effective in attaining beautiful and silky hair.

Abstain From External Heating

External or forced heat through hair dryers, hair straighteners, curlers etc. should all be avoided since they burn the hair and extract all the nutrients from the hair.

hair dryer

After the shower the hair should be left to dry and then gently stroked with a towel. Harsh rubbing of hair may cause the hair to become rough and crimpy. Dry and frizzy hair being very thick and obtuse may take a longer time to dry so a hair dryer with the setting on a cooler side should be used if in a hurry.

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A Proper Styling

Firstly, wearing a loose and an open bun helps in making the curly hair look appealable. Hair should be loosely clustered and with the help of fingers it should be wrenched few times and clipped or tied with a band. Stiffening of hair may spoil the look but loosening it may make the curls noticeable.

proper styling

Secondly, clipping of half hair helps in making a person’s hair look voluminous and pretty. Hair from both the sides should be taken and rest from below should be left free. Lastly, using a pompadour helps in looking neat as the hair is properly tucked in and pinned properly leaving the curls to be visible.

A Proper Moisturizing And Brushing

A proper brushing of hair when wet is helpful and then a proper moisturization of hair after an air dry with a proper conditioner or cream helps in giving a silky look to the hair.

brushing curly hair

After the application of a moisturizer through every bit of the hair curls and then scrunching can be done to add an extra look to the hair. When the curls tend to disappear any kind of gel or mousse can be applied to make it as fresh as before.