How To Oil Your Hair

Beautiful hair

 Beautiful hair Healthy and Beautiful hair is not something all of us are endowed with. A little extra care towards our hair can make it the most beautiful ornament of natural beauty.

Oiling your hair is a one stop solution for various problems like breakage, split ends, dandruff, flaky scalp, and dry and malnourished hair.

It is understandable that elaborate procedures of hair care on a regular basis, is not everyone’s cup of tea. But, by oiling your hair twice a week you can achieve that long, shiny and silky hair that you have always envied.

Different Ways To Oil Your Hair

Warm Up The Scalp

Before oiling the hair it is necessary to ensure that the pores of the scalp are open for deep conditioning. Oils, when applied directly on open follicles make the roots and in turn hair stronger and healthier.


To warm up the scalp, tightly squeeze the towel after dipping it in hot water and tie around the head like a turban. This done a couple of times for a minute or two helps open pores on the head.

Use The Right Oil

There are various oils that benefit the hair grow and become bouncy. Castor oil, lavender oil, almond oil, olive oils have nutritional value for hair. You can also use a mix of oils if it suits.

Warming up the oil a little before applying on the scalp is also considered beneficial. It goes deep in the scalp. However it should not be very hot.

Massage Deeply

Take small quantities of oil on finger tips and first apply oil starting with a centre parting and then gradually moving sideways and back. Make sections to avoid missing spots of the scalp.


After applying oil thoroughly, massage in tender circular motions for several minutes. It is not important to apply the oil in quantity, it should just be sufficient to cover the roots and tip.

Give It Time

Shampooing immediately after oiling the hair is not advisable. Give the oil some time on your hair to work its magic. Ideally you should leave oiled hair overnight and let it penetrate deep into the roots.

If you have oily skin you should leave it for an hour to two maximum. It is a bad idea to keep hair oiled for many days, as dust and dirt sticks and accumulates, making the hair dirty.

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Do It Often

Massaging the hair with oil is relaxing and pleasant. It reduces stress levels at the same time as it improves blood circulation to the scalp making follicles strong.

Massage With Oil

For normal hair, oiling once a week is sufficient, as for dry hair oiling twice a week is necessary to regain the normal silkiness of the hair.

Shampoo Generously

Shampoo the hair at least twice to ensure that the scalp doesn’t retain excess oil. Oily scalp attracts pollution making the hair weak.

Use appropriate shampoo and condition afterwards to hydrate the hair. Try not to comb the hair unless it is semi or fully dry.

Following the regime on a regular basis will strength your hair and help the growth of healthy and voluminous hair.