How To Prevent Balding In Women


Prevent baldness in women The issue of baldness is very rare among women when compared with men. However, if women do not take proper care of their hair and follow bad lifestyle habits, they can also suffer from the problem of baldness.

In order to prevent baldness in women, it is essentially important to follow a healthy and proper hair care routine, while practicing healthy lifestyle strategies. This article basically discusses about various effective and natural ways to prevent balding in women.

Baldness Prevention Tips For Women

Do not opt for commercial drugs and products to prevent baldness. Follow the below given natural ways to prevent baldness in women:

Take Proper Care Of Your Hair

The very first step towards preventing baldness in women is to follow a healthy hair care routine. You must select the conditioner and shampoo which are best suited for your hair type. You should condition the hair every time after the shampooing process.

Do not make the mistake of washing the hair daily, as daily washing deprives the hair of natural moisture, thus making them weak and dry, which eventually causes hair loss. Let the hair dry naturally, instead of drying them with blow dryer. Do not run comb in wet hair. These hair care measures would be of great help with respect to preventing hair fall in women.

Restrict The Use Of Hair Styling Equipments

The use of hair styling equipments on hair causes hair dryness, consequently resulting in hair loss. It is the heat which is generated by hair styling equipments like curling iron and blow dryer, which ruins the health of the hair. So, in order to prevent balding, the use of such equipments should be avoided or kept to the minimum most level.

Focus Towards Healthy Eating

Prevent Baldness

If you are keen towards preventing baldness, then it is very important to take proper care of your diet. You should eat all kinds of healthy foods enriched with iron, protein, zinc and omega 3 fatty acids, as these nutrients are very important with respect to encouraging hair growth and preventing hair loss. Food products like fish, whole grains, yogurt, cereals and soybean are healthy choices and must be included in regular diet to prevent baldness.

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Stimulate The Scalp Regularly

Do not ignore regular scalp massage to prevent hair fall and encourage hair growth. Warm oil massage would be of immense help in improving blood circulation throughout the scalp, which would help in stimulating hair follicles to produce more hair.

Twice a week scalp massage would be enough to witness great results with regard to preventing baldness. The best oils for scalp stimulation include olive oil, rosemary oil, jojoba oil, almond oil and coconut oil.

Hydrate The Hair Properly

It is mandatory to keep the hair properly hydrated if you want to prevent baldness. Well hydrated hair are strong and healthy and do not fall easily. The best way to hydrate the hair is to drink lot of water daily. Around ten glasses of daily water intake is necessary to maintain adequate hydration level of the hair.