How To Prevent Fine Hair From Becoming Stringy


Fine Hair From Becoming Stringy People with fine hair have more problems than people with thick strands. The frustration of caring for fine hair can weigh down anyone as the regular hair care routines can be cumbersome. What adds on to the problem of fine hair is the fact that it has a tendency to separate and look stringy, especially if you have an oily scalp. Disguising such stringiness can be tiring and cannot be achieved by someone who has no knowledge about hair care solutions specifically for fine hair.

Hair Care Tips for Fine Hair

One must understand that fine hair requires special treatment that can help you successfully transform the stringy to healthy bouncy strands of hair.

Shampoo and Conditioner

No hair care tips would be incomplete without a mention of shampoos. For fine hair use volumizing shampoo that can effectively eliminate the chances of the hair separating and looking stringy.After rinsing off the shampoo, use a volumizing conditioner that does not weigh down the strands as they dry.

Hair Products

Most people with fine hair use hair styling products and tools that add volume and thickness to the hair. This cannot be avoided; hence, use hair products but apply them sparingly only at the hair ends.

hair care tips

Spraying at the ends helps you avoid harming the hair roots that can in a few cases lead to excessive hair fall. Also, avoid using heavy hair gels, hairsprays, and mousses that blocks the roots of the hair. Instead use root lifters that can uplift the hair roots and make it look thick and bouncy.

Hair Styling Tools

Use of blow dryers can make your hair look bouncy. Also, use root boosters that can instantly hold your hair up and give it a fuller look. This helps you say goodbye to stringy hair problems. While using styling tools offers you an instant solution to your stringy hair problems, use it sparingly because heat increases the chances of hair fall and breakage.

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Suitable Haircut

The best and easiest solution is to get a haircut. Check with your hair stylist and consider trimming off the ends that appear stringy. Choose hair cuts that add bounce and movement to your hair. In most cases, long hair looks more stringy than medium or short hair; hence, opt for a hair style change and go for a short cut that is easy to maintain and easy to care. If you do not want to go for a drastic hair cut, then opt to trim the hair every two months – this will effectively reduce the chances of your fine hair appearing stringy.

Regular Brushin

Carry a comb everywhere and brush it throughout the day. Exposure to the natural conditions, often converts fine hair to stringy as the slightest breeze or movement can separate the strands.

How To Prevent Fine Hair From Becoming Stringy

To avoid such as mishap, brush the hair and detangle the clumps. This helps in making your fair fuller instead of stringy.

Hair Dye

If you are looking to dye the hair then opt for vegetable-based hair dyes instead of permanent ones. While vegetable-based dyes add volume to the hair shaft, permanent ones can damage the hair ends and gives it a stringy appearance.