How To Prevent Hair From Falling Out

Preventing the hair from falling out is really a very important hair care activity. Hair fall is a serious issue and puts everyone in great stress and tension. The problem may occur due to several reasons, viz. lack of hair care, stress, improper nutrition and excessive exposure of hair to heat. An individual needs to take proper care of the hair, so that the problem of hair fall does not occur.

Around 60-80 strands of hair fall is seen every day, which occurs quite naturally due to hair washing, hair combing and hair styling. However, if the number of hair fall exceeds 60-80 strands per day, it is a cause of great concern. With proper hair care, hair loss can be prevented to a large extent. Let us here discuss about various effective ways to prevent hair fall and get healthy and strong hair.

Prevent Hair Fall

Ways To Prevent Hair from Falling Out

Hair Care

The first and most important step towards preventing hair loss is to take appropriate care of the hair. Lack of hair care not only deteriorates the health of the hair, but also results in hair loss, which may make a person bald one day. Therefore, hair care is a very important aspect of life.

The hair should be washed with the shampoo that is suitable for your hair type. Also, the hair should be conditioned every time after shampooing. The hair should not be immediately combed after the hair washing process. The hair are very weak after the washing process, and therefore tend to break. Therefore, it is suggested to allow the hair to dry partially before running comb in the hair.

Scalp Massage

In order to strengthen the hair and improve the health of the scalp, it is suggested to massage the scalp properly with warm essential oil before washing the hair.

Prevent Hair Fall

The best way is to massage the scalp at night and allow the oil to penetrate the hair throughout the night. The hair should be washed next day in the morning. The strength and health of the hair would be improved and hair fall would be prevented with the help of regular scalp massage.

Get Rid Of Stress

Stress and tension are very harmful for the health of the hair. The hair becomes very weak due to extreme stress. An individual should try to remain away from stress as far as possible, so that the health of the hair is maintained. Yoga and meditation are very good techniques to keep stress away. An individual who practices meditation and yoga in regular life would be able to keep away from stress and consequently prevent the hair from falling.


Nutrition plays a crucial role in boosting up the hair growth process and reducing hair loss. You should focus on healthy eating, so that hair attains all the required nutrients for appropriate growth.

Prevent Hair Fall

Milk, yogurt, fish, nuts, green vegetables, and fruits are healthy food choices and should be included in regular diet to prevent hair fall and encourage hair growth.

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