How To Rebuild Healthy Hair


Healthy Hair Do you have damaged hair? Do you want to rebuild healthy hair? This article would give some effective tips which would help in rebuilding healthy hair.

The condition of dry, rough, weak and unhealthy hair would be improved with the help of following the tips given in this article. The health of your hair would be improved and you would be able to attain long and beautiful hair with the help of dedicatedly following the below given tips.

Tips To Get Healthy Hair

Hair Trimming

The first step towards rebuilding healthy hair should be to go for hair trimming. You should get the damaged ends trimmed off, if you want your hair to look healthy.

You should also make it a point to visit the salon once in two months for hair trimming purpose. Regular trimming would allow the hair to grow appropriately, and would also help in maintaining adequate health of the hair.

Deep Conditioning

In order to build the strength and health of the hair, you need to provide deep conditioning treatment to the hair on regular basis. Applying mayonnaise on the hair and allowing it to stay on the hair for around two hours before rinsing it out works as a very good deep conditioning treatment for the hair. The hair damage would be repaired and you would be able to attain strong and healthy hair with the help of this hair care activity. The process of hair growth would also be improved if you deep condition the hair at least once in a fortnight.

Oil Massage

Oil massage works wonderfully to rebuild healthy hair. Oil massage treatment should be provided to the scalp two times in a week to improve blood circulation in the scalp and to treat dry and rough hair. With the help of regular warm oil scalp massage, the moisture level of the scalp would be maintained and hair damage would be treated.

Rebuild healthy hair

A mixture of coconut oil and almond oil works as a very effective treatment for damaged hair. This is one of the most effective hair care activities, which helps in improving the health of the scalp and the hair and encourages hair growth.


Nutrition plays a crucial role with regard to rebuilding healthy hair. Eat maximum of green vegetables and fresh fruits to feed the hair with appropriate nutrients. Also include whole grains, cereals, fish and milk in regular diet to nourish the hair adequately. Following a healthy and nutritious diet plan is a very important hair care activity which would definitely help in improving hair growth and rebuilding healthy hair.

Tips and Warnings

While trying to rebuild healthy hair, it is important to keep the following tips and warnings in mind:

Avoid combing the hair when wet.

Avoid using chemicals on the hair. Hair coloring and hair perming treatments involve the use of chemicals, and hence should be avoided.

Do not use blow dryer, curling iron, flat iron or any other kind of styling equipment on the hair, as the heat generated from these equipments damages the hair and restricts hair growth.

Have patience and wait for at least one year to get rid of damaged hair and rebuild healthy hair!