How To Repair Chemical Hair Loss


Hair loss Chemical hair loss is hair that is lost due to use of chemicals on the hair. Chemical treatments like hair coloring and hair perming are very harmful for the health of the hair and ruin the hair’s second layer, which is extremely delicate.

This eventually leads to hair loss. You need to have lot of patience, if you really want to repair chemical hair loss. Without losing patience, if you follow the below given tips, you would definitely be able to repair chemical hair loss in an effective way.

Ways To Repair Chemical Hair Loss

Stop Using Chemicals On The Hair

The very first thing you should do is to stop using chemicals on the hair. Any further exposure of the hair to chemicals might ruin the health of the hair and result in drastic hair fall. Allow the hair to grow naturally.

Choose Appropriate Hair Care Products

Repair Hair loss

The next thing you should do is to select the shampoo and conditioner that are suitable for your scalp and hair. For example, if your hair and scalp are dry, you should go for moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Further, it is also important to limit the hair washing process. Excessive washing of the hair can be harmful for the health of the hair and may aggravate hair loss.

Go For Regular Deep Conditioning Treatments

Chemically damaged hair should be deep conditioned from time to time, so that the repair process is speeded up. Regular deep conditioning would help in improving the strength and health of the hair, consequently helping to reduce hair loss.

Homemade deep conditioning pack made of avocado pulp and honey is considered to be the best for imparting shine and beauty to the hair, while boosting up the health of the hair. Providing deep conditioning treatment to the hair once in a week would be of great help in repairing chemically damaged hair and reducing hair fall.

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Avoid The Use Of Heat Generating Hair Styling Equipments

In order to repair chemical hair loss, it is essential to avoid the exposure of the hair to heat from styling equipments like flat iron, straightening rod, curling iron and blow dryer. Continuously exposing the hair to heat generated from styling equipments makes the hair dry and rough, subsequently causing hair loss. Therefore, the use of such equipments on the hair should be avoided completely, if you want to repair chemical hair loss.

Vitamin Supplements

Chemical Hair loss

Vitamin supplements would be of immense help in boosting up hair growth and reducing hair fall. Vitamin B12, vitamin C and vitamin E are considered to be very effective with respect to hair growth process. Therefore, supplements enriched with these vitamins should be included in regular life to reduce hair loss and encourage hair growth.

Regular Warm Oil Scalp Massage

Stimulating the scalp is a very important hair care activity which should be carried out on regular basis to speed up the repairing process of chemical hair loss. The scalp would be nourished very well; make it a point to massage it with warm essential oil at least twice or thrice in a week. Oils like jojoba oil, rosemary oil, almond oil and olive oil are considered to be very effective massage oils. Within a few weeks, you would start observing an improvement in the health of your hair, with the help of regular scalp massage.