How To Reverse Hair Loss Associated With Menopause


Hair Loss due to menopauseMenopause means the end of the reproductive system. At this stage various hormonal changes occur inside our body. If you do not take proper care of the body, different types of problems may occur among which hair loss is one problem. You can reverse or slow down the problem with the help of proper measure. This article will help you in this matter.

Tips To Treat Hair Loss Due To Menopause

Keep Your Hair Short

Keep your hair short because it is easier to handle. Trim your hair frequently so that there may not be risk of split ends. Maintain the right style of hair. There are some hair styles that increase the volume of hair visually. Consult your hair specialists to choose the right style of hair.

Oil Treatment

There are few essential oils which are excellent for hair growth. Lavender oil has anti-inflammatory properties which increase the volume of hair. Essential oil like rosemary makes the hair root stronger. Both these essential oil should be mixed with carrier oil. Oil like coconut oil, sesame oil, olive oil, etc. supply a good amount of nourishment to hair and slowdown the thinning of hair. For this reason a regular hair treatment is necessary to fight the hair loss.


A nutritious diet is necessary at this age to fight the hair loss. Eat dark leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, egg, milk and yogurt, lean protein to prevent the hair loss. Drink adequate water everyday to fight the hormonal changes that occur in our body during menopause.

Hair Loss due to menopause

Hair Care

Go to the salon regularly because you need some special hair therapy done by the specialists. Apart from this special care you can take some care made with homemade products to stop the hair loss problem. Take some henna powder, Indian gooseberry powder, honey and yogurt. Mix everything and apply that on your hair. You should use this mask at least once in a week to prevent the hair loss.

Hormone Replacement

Go to the hair specialist or physician and ask for hormone replacement. Women who are nearing menopause suffer from lower levels of two hormones – estrogen and progesterone. Lack of these hormones is the cause of everything during the hair loss. Hormone injection is one way of hormone replacement. But this injection should be conducted by specialized person.

Coloring Of Hair

You can control the thinning of hair with hair coloring and hair cut. Hair dies coat the hair and make it look thick. Use darker shade for your hair because darker shade looks more voluminous. Some hair styles like steps, layers, feather and blunt make your hair visually thick. Go for them. Take the advice of hair specialists.

Menopause hair loss

Supply Biotin

Biotin is a type of vitamin which enlivens fragile hair and treats hair loss problem. So you need to supple a good amount of biotin in your body. You can get them in the form of capsules or tablets. But this should be taken under the guidance of physician. You can take the natural source of biotin – dairy products, peanuts, liver, etc. Natural biotin products absorbs in the body easily. Follow these tips and get rid of hair loss problem.

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