How To Stop Hair Breakage – Easy And Simple

Hair Breakage

Hair Breakage There is nothing much you can do about the external environment that makes the hair rough, greasy, polluted, lifeless and weak that can easily break even when fingers are run through it or when combed gently.

But there are a lot of things you can do to make your hair strong and prevent breakage as a matter of regular routine. Here are some beneficial ways by which you can save your hair from breakage and that should be included as a matter of habit in daily course. Check them out and follow them regularly.

Ways To Stop Hair Breakage

Reduce Chemical Application

Our hair is exposed to lot of chemicals present in shampoo, conditioner, detangles and it is difficult to control an exposure to these chemicals as it is mainly used for hair and scalp cleaning.


These chemicals make the hair weak and frizzy. It causes breaking of hair very often as it becomes weak and fragile. We cannot completely avoid but can reduce the use of products available in the market by using natural hair care products available at home.

Keep Styling Elements Away

Styling elements is not only in reference to the hot iron rods and straighteners; it also includes hair gels, sprays and creams that are used while dressing up. Women also go for perming, straightening, re-bonding etc. to look prettier, but it is harmful for hair in the long run. From basic blow dry to long term styling, all of it causes damage to our hair making it skimpy and therefore should be distanced from hair.

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Maintain Healthy Lifestyle


Lack of proper sleep, physical and mental stress, improper diet can all account to hair breakage in more than one ways. Get proper sleep, do yoga and meditation to relieve stress and include fibre, proteins and vitamins in your diet for your hair to become stronger and healthier. Healthy hair is less brittle compared to the hair that is thin and weak. So promote natural growth of hair keeping the internal system healthy.

Do Not Treat Your Hair Ruthlessly

Whether your hair is wet or dry, do not brush or comb it ruthlessly. Maximum hair breakage is due to negligence while combing. Use combs that are wide toothed and made of wood as they are delicate on the scalp. In addition, making tight pony tails and buns also reduces air supply to scalp and prevents air ventilation through hair; let your hair loose as natural breathing is beneficial for it too. Wet hair should not be rubbed with towel too; water should be squeezed and blotted on towel instead of rigorous rubbing as it causes hair breakage.

Strengthen Your Hair

Use homemade hair masks occasionally for natural strengthening and shine for the hair. Eggs, yogurt, apple cider vinegar, henna, juices, avocados, bananas have properties that add protein, vitamin, moisture, shine and lustre to hair making it strong and beautiful; all at the same time. This prevents the hair from breaking when treated roughly to an extent and therefore is essential for your hair.