How To Stop Hair Loss

Hair Loss Hair loss is a problem that makes both men and women worry as it spoils their overall look and makes them look a bit older. This problem is common among kids, teenagers and adults as there are many factors contributing to this condition such as pollution, lifestyle, food, stress etc.

Instead of worrying and making use of all the commercial hair care products available across the counter, it is time that you made a bit of change within you and around you to get luscious looking tresses that would shine with strength. Read this article fully to learn what changes you can make to retain your crowning glory and to encourage new hair growth in the place of the fallen hair.

How To Stop Hair Loss Using Simple Ways

Nutritious Diet

The first and foremost step to avoid hair loss should be through your food. Make a note of food you eat every day and consider whether you are getting enough vitamins and minerals required by your body. Your diet must have Vitamins A, B complex, E, D and C along with a fair portion of iron, calcium and zinc.


Make sure you include eggs, milk and salads in your everyday food along with nuts and fruits. Remember to include colorful vegetables in your cooking, as they are highly nutritious for your body.

Avoid Products Containing Caffeine


If you are an avoid coffee lover and love your brew dark, this is a bad news for you. If you love your tresses more than your coffee then sacrifice few cups each day and limit to one or two cups every day. Similarly, if you are consuming some products that are rich in caffeine then try the decaffeinated version for a change.

Avoid Alcohol And Other Products That Contain Tobacco or Nicotine

If you are puffing away your cigar and thinking how to stop hair loss then the first and foremost thing you must do is stop puffing and sipping alcohol. If you thought e-cigars are greater options than tobacco, then be informed that your hair does not like nicotine.

avoid alcohol

These three culprits need to be chucked out of your everyday regime to get glowing hair. Avoid the temptation to take a few occasional puffs or drinks even while at a party.

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Too Much Stress

Yoga And Exercises

If you are trying everything at home frantically to restore your hair and prevent hair loss but sweat it out and accumulate loads of tension at the office, then it is not going to be of any help. Practice stress healing methods such as yoga or meditation to make sure that you stay healthy which is essential to stop hair loss.

Work Out Regularly

Performing few exercises every day will lead to a good amount of blood flow throughout the body and increase the circulation in the scalp that encourages hair growth.

Avoid Products For Hair With Chemicals

Avoid Chemicals

Whether it is shampoo, hair spray or conditioner, make sure you use one with herbs that are gentle on your hair. Stay away from those products that contain chemicals as it can cause hair loss.

Joyeeta Bose