How To Take Care Of Black Hair While Pregnant

black hair Beautiful and long hair is something which every woman craves for and it is only possible if immense care is taken at every stage a woman goes through. Different stages of hormonal changes like menstruation period, pregnancy and menopause are all to be considered.

During pregnancy a lady goes through different kinds of emotions, on one hand the lady wants to shield the baby from toxic chemicals and provide nourishment on the other hand. Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy a lady tends to have healthy and beautiful hair.

The daily products used contain strong chemicals and the hair extracts all the chemicals but the scalp makes it seep into the blood. Due to the increment in the circulation of blood the women happen to be very sensitive to any kinds of chemicals. There are various ways a pregnant woman can take care of their black hair during their pregnancy. They are as follows:

Tips To Take Care Of Black Hair While Pregnant

Avoid The Use of Relaxers

Due to the extra nourishment required by the women there is an increment in the flow of blood causing women to be extremely careful and sensitive towards chemicals. If harsh products are used on them they tend to feel very dizzy and are affected with headaches. Use of relaxers is to be avoided since during pregnancy is very harmful since they contain chemicals and reactive compounds.

A Massage With Oil

Regular oiling of hair twice a week is very effective in attaining beautiful and lustrous hair. A mixture of few spoons of olive, almonds, coconut oil should be first made lukewarm and not overheated in a pan.


A proper massage of oil to the scalp helps in removal of dandruff and acts as a lubricant to the hair. After oiling the hair should be engulfed in a towel or a shower cap for some minutes and then washed for lustrous hair. During pregnancy there are changes in hormones as they cause the hair to be healthy and shiny.

Proper Hair Styling

The styling of hair should be done in a proper manner as the hair should be tied loose and tied up loosely into a bun or a loosely braided as they don’t exert pressure on the scalp.

loose braid

When the hair is tied up tightly or there is pulling of hair from the front it can lead to loss of hair from the scalp which normally a woman goes through after her delivery. So proper styling and haircut can help in maintaining and attaining beautiful hair.

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Abstain From Coloring or Dyeing

At regular intervals of three to four months the hair should be bleached, dyed or colored. It should not be done very often since the chemicals present in the color can harm the lady as they seep into the blood capillaries which in turn may harm the child.

hair dye

The foils used for coloring should be kept away from skin as pregnancy causes unwanted allergies and diseases. Proper food intake should be adopted to provide proper nourishment to the woman and child.