How To Take Care Of Ends Of Hair

Care Of Ends Of Hair In order to keep the hair healthy and beautiful, it is very important to take care of the hair ends. All the practices which would help in preventing the formation of split ends in the hair would help in attaining healthy hair ends.

There are several activities which would help in keeping the hair ends in good health, which include proper hair washing, regular hair conditioning, preventing the hair from heat and styling the hair appropriately. Let us here discuss about these hair care tips so as to obtain healthy hair ends. With the help of taking care of the hair ends, you would be able to maintain the luster and beauty of the hair.


Ways to Take Care of Hair Ends

Hair washing

First of all, you need to ensure that the hair ends are clean and dirt free. Shampooing the hair twice a week would help in getting rid of all the dirt from the hair. The hair ends would remain clean and dirt free as a result.  Also, it is very important to ensure that you do not wash the hair daily. It should be limited to only twice or thrice a week. Daily washing strips off natural oils from the hair, consequently making the hair ends dry. This may even cause hair fall.

Hair conditioning

Hair conditioning is the most important hair care activity with respect to keeping the hair ends and the entire hair healthy. It is strongly recommended to apply the conditioner on the hair ends rather than on the hair roots. The hair ends would become soft and smooth with the help of hair conditioning process, which should be carried out every time after the hair shampooing process. It is also suggested to deep condition the hair at least once in a month to improve the health and smoothness of hair ends.

Hair trimming

Hair trimming

In order to maintain healthy hair ends, it is very important to get the hair trimmed after an interval of every two months. Also, the hair would look healthy and smooth if they are trimmed from time to time.

Avoid chemical treatments

It is strongly recommended to restrict the exposure of hair to chemicals. The chemicals used in hair coloring and hair perming treatments have a major toll on the health of the entire hair, including the hair ends. Hair dryness and hair fall are the two major side effects associated with the exposure of the hair to chemical treatments.  So, such treatments should be completely avoided.

Avoid exposure of hair to heat

Avoid exposure of hair to heat

Avoid the use of hot rollers, crimpers, blow dryer and curling iron as far as possible. Go for natural hair styling practices rather than using these equipments, as the heat generated from hair styling tools is very harmful for the hair ends and the entire hair, consequently causing split ends and hair dryness as the two major side effects.


Oiling the hair not only at the ends but all through the hair is a very important hair care activity, which helps in maintaining adequate health of the entire hair. A moisturizing oil like olive or jojoba oil can be chosen for this purpose. Provide warm oil treatment to the hair twice a week to maintain appropriate health of the hair, including hair ends.