How To Take Care Of Hair After Swimming

Water babies who like to frolic for hours in the swimming pool should take extra care of their tresses. Most swimming pools contain chlorinated water which can damage the hair. People who spend long hours in the pool may end up with hair that is not only dry and brittle but with a greenish tint as well.

Swimmers can adopt some simple measures to protect their hair from the drying effects of the highly chlorinated pool water. Some handy tips to take care of hair after a relaxing swim in the pool are mentioned below.

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Tips On Hair Care After Swimming

Wash Your Hair Immediately After A Swim

Immediately after a swim head to the nearest shower station located at the pool and wash your hair thoroughly with a clarifying shampoo. People with colored hair should wash their hair immediately following a swim as otherwise their locks can take on a pale greenish tinge.

Apply Conditioner

After shampooing, squeeze out the excess water from your hair. Squeeze out a walnut sized dollop of emollient rich conditioner into your palm, and slowly work it into your tresses with your finger tips.

Paying special attention to the hair tips. Choose a conditioner which is specially formulated for after swimming hair care. These moisture intense conditioners are specially formulated for extra dry hair. Leave the conditioner in your hair for about five minutes before rinsing it off.

Deep Condition Your Hair

Deep conditioning treatments are for people who like to spend a couple of hours in the swimming pool every single day. Spending a few hours in the swimming pool on a regular basis can dry out the hair. Using an ordinary conditioner will not provide complete protection to the hair.

Deep conditioning treatments, which can be done at home or at the salon, provide complete protection to hair. Swimmers who opt for deep conditioning hair treatments have touch ably softer hair.

Store bought deep conditioners can be directly applied on the hair. Leave the deep conditioner for about twenty minutes before rinsing it off. Other wise you can make your own deep conditioner at home by blending one peeled avocado, one whole egg and a tablespoon of olive oil in a food processor. Apply this rather thick mixture on your hair and leave it on for half an hour. Rinse your hair with tepid water and experience the difference.

Use A Spray In Conditioner

Swimmers can use a spray in conditioner on their hair for added protection. Spray in hair conditioners are normally recommended for swimmers who have extremely dry and damaged hair. Otherwise, it is not necessary to use a spray in conditioner.

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Untangle Your Hair

After applying hair conditioner, you should towel dry your hair. Blow dryers tend to dry out hair further. Next use a wide toothed comb and gently comb your hair from root to tip. This is one of the best ways to untangle hair.

Go In For A Short Hair Style

Avoid swimmers should keep their hair short. It is easier to take care of short hair, after spending time in the pool. Taking care of long hair especially if you enjoy spending a couple of hours in the swimming pool every single day can be an arduous process.

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