How To Take Care Of Hair Braids

How To Take Care Of Hair Braids People having curly and messy hair spend half of the time looking for convenient options that can help shorten their daily hair maintenance process. If you are one of the many people who are looking for alternatives to regular use of hair styling tools, then hair braids might be a blessing that you are looking for.

Braids, when done properly, are one of the most convenient and stylish options that allow you to pull back your unruly curls and enjoy the day.

Hair Care Tips Before Braiding

Though it sounds simple, braids can be disastrous for one if proper care is not taken before and after the hair is braided. You need to maintain a healthy routine before braiding especially pamper it with a healthy conditioning routine that moisturizes every strand.

This relaxing of the hair routine must be religiously followed for a week before braiding. Also, make sure that on the day that you’ve chosen to braid the hair – you do not relax the hair. This can be detrimental to your hair as the hair when relaxed can be in a fragile state and if braided it can break easily.

Instead, keep a stress-free routine on the day and preferably give your hair a hot oil treatment with Vitamin E. This reconstructs the hair bonds and prevents hair breakage.

Hair Care Tips After Braiding


If hair care before braiding is important, hair care after braiding also should not be ignored. When the hair is braided, make sure to moisturize it on a daily basis. Braided hair loses moisture far easily than open hair; hence, spritz your braids as frequently as possible with hair sprays that include different hair oils and a hint of Vitamin E.

Hair Braids Care

One homemade hair spray that acts as a great alternative for branded hair products is a concoction of Jojoba oil, Olive oil, Water, and Glycerin. You can also use shea butter to massage the scalp and prevent the scalp from any itching sensation.


To wash the braid use residue-free shampoo once a week. You just need to lather the shampoo in your palms and apply it directly on the scalp. Once you have massaged it properly, leave it for some time before you rinse it out with cold water. After you have washed off the shampoo, squeeze out the remaining water from the braids. Do not tug your hair too much when braided as it can break easily or lead to appearance of split ends.


If shampooing is important for braided hair, conditioning is too. Every time you shampoo, you must accompany it with a conditioning routine but for a most effective result opt for leave-in conditioners.

Night Care

While your hair is on braids, it is very important to cover it before sleeping. You can simply do so by using a hair net or a silk scarf that can protect the braids as you twist and turn in your sleep. Also, satin pillowcases are a great option too.

Hair Braiding Tips for Best Results

Braiding should not be done too tightly as this can suffocate your hair and make your hair roots weak. Do not overdo and keep your braids for more than two months at a stretch. Pay attention to new hair growth and rebraid After and Before care is important; hence, follow it without ignoring any one of the steps.