How To Take Care Of Mature Hair

How To Take Care Of Mature Hair As we grow older, we notice the signs of aging on our face, our hands, and other body parts. We also start taking extra care Of our body parts and apply adequate amount of moisturizers and anti-aging lotions to prevent the skin from sagging. But one aspect that we ignore as we age is our hair. We forget that with time and age our hair too starts aging and requires special attention.

Hair Care tips for Mature Hair

As mentioned before, mature hair also has special needs and requirements. Ignore this and you are left with weak hair roots that leads to excessive hair loss. By the age of 40, one must start taking extra care of one’s hair as it starts showing signs of aging and requires extra nourishment. To make the most out of the situation, check the following hair care tricks that will help you avoid the problems of aging hair.

Hair Cut

The simplest hair care solution is to get a hair cut that is just above the shoulders. Mature hair grows wiry and thin and with short hair cuts you will be able to control the thinning strands of hair and also accelerate the hair growth. In case you still want long hair then it is advisable to get regular trimming done.

Care for mature hair

This will help you maintain healthy strands of hair minus the split end problem. Also, a layered cut will make your hair look fuller and thicker and in case you have a problem of thinning hair then a layered effect will bail you out of an embarrassing situation.

Shampooing and Conditioning

Mature hair should not be washed frequently as shampooing can rob the hair off its natural oil and moisture. Hence, avoid washing and shampooing on a regular basis. Also, try opting for shampoos that are not very harsh in nature and mostly made of natural ingredients. For mature hair, conditioning is more important than shampooing. Try and condition every time you shampoo as it treats the dryness of the hair and helps in locking the hair moisture as effectively as possible.

Hair Care Products

Avoid using too many products but in case you are exposed to the sun rays for maximum time of the day then using a sunscreen protection for the hair is mandatory.

hair care tips

Also, one can use a hat that screens the rays of the sun and saves it from further damages. Other styling products that can be used by one is a light hairspray and mousse that can hold the hair in place by weighing down the strands.

Minimal Color or dye

The first thing that we do as soon as we notice the first strand of gray hair is to color it. Though use of hair colors and dye is not a bad option, one must not use more than two shades of color. Going for lighter shades is recommended as it decreases the chance of hair damage.

Good Diet

Caring for mature hair includes a change in diet plan. Include plenty of fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamin A and C onto the diet plan. Also, opt for proteins as this makes your hair become stronger and not brittle. Consult a medical professional, and include a vital nutrient into your diet chart to prevent incessant hair loss.