How To Take Care Of Your Hair Follicles


In order to speed up the hair growth process, it is very important to take proper care of the hair follicles. Lack of hair care would deteriorate the health of the hair and cause hair loss.

Also, the health of the hair gets ruined due to exposure to environmental pollutants. It is extremely important to protect the hair follicles so that the health and strength of the hair are maintained. Here follows a discussion on hair care tips which would help in maintaining the health of hair follicles.

Great Care Tips For Hair Follicles

Hair Care Products

The first and foremost thing with respect to taking care of hair follicles is to choose the right hair care products. The conditioner and shampoo that you choose should be according to your hair type. The shampoo that you opt for should not be enriched with synthetic silicon. Synthetic silicon is a chemical which restricts hair growth by way of blocking hair follicles.

Take care of hair follicles

Protein enriched shampoo should be chosen, so as to keep the hair follicles in good health, thus helping with respect to hair growth process. Further, you need to go for a hair conditioner that is specifically made for damaged hair. In order to maintain the health of the hair follicles, the conditioner should be allowed to sink into hair follicles.

Hair Washing Pocess

The hair follicles get clogged, in case the hair are washed daily. This would deteriorate the health of the hair. As an important hair care measure, it is strongly recommended to limit the number of times the hair are washed. The hair should be washed only two or three times in a week, so that natural oils from the hair are not stripped off and the health of the hair is maintained. Also, the hair follicles would be prevented from clogging with the help of following this hair care measure.

Hair Rinsing

Use of hot water on the hair for hair rinsing process should be avoided as far as possible. Rinsing the hair with hot water would open the pores of the scalp, thus deteriorating the health of the hair follicles.

take care of hair follicles

Therefore, it is strongly advised to make use of cold water after the hair shampooing and hair conditioning process. The hair would not only become healthy but would also look shiny and smooth with the help of use of cold water for hair rinsing.

Hair Styling Equipments

The heat generated from blow dryer or curling iron has a damaging impact on the health of the hair follicles. The hair growth gets restricted and hair loss occurs due to exposure of the hair to heat. So avoid using heat generating equipments on the hair as an important hair care measure.

Take Care Of Hair Follicles

If at all, you want to use such equipments, make sure to set the equipment at the cold setting or the lowest level of heat. The health of the hair follicles would be maintained if you restrict the exposure of heat to the hair, which would help in encouraging hair growth and restricting hair fall.