How To Thicken Fine Hair


Tips To get Thicker hair Does your hair look thin and limp? Are you worried about the condition of your hair? You are not the only person who has limp and fine hair! There are many people in this world who are facing this hair related problem.

Also, there are various products available worldwide which boast of thickening fine and thin hair. You need not to go to the salon every time to make your hair look thick and beautiful. There are various ways which you can practice at home to improve the appearance and thickness of your fine hair. Here follows a discussion on the same.

Tips To Make Fine Hair Thicker

With the help of taking proper care of your hair and using a few readily available products at home, you can really attain thick hair at the comfort of your home without spending much money on going to the salons and parlors. Go through the below given tips to thicken fine hair:

Choose The Right Conditioner And Shampoo

First of all, you need to make sure that you are using the right conditioner and shampoo on your hair. The hair care products you choose should be specifically made for fine hair. Protein enriched conditioners should be used on fine hair, as protein helps in improving the thickness of the hair.

Get Rid Of Split Ends

Tips to get thicker hair

Split ends make the hair look thin, limp and unhealthy. Therefore, you should make it a point to get your ends trimmed once in six weeks to maintain the health of the hair.

Change The Diet Towards Healthy Eating

Get thicker hair

Protein rich foods like soy, whole grains and nuts are extremely healthy for the hair and help in improving the health of the hair if consumed in regular day life. The hair would naturally become thick and healthy if you make it a point to focus on healthy eating.

Go For A Change Of Hair Style

It is suggested to go for a short hair style to add volume to your fine and thin hair. Long hair styles make the hair look thin and limp, while short hair styles make them look thicker.

Wash The Hair With A Mix Of Shampoo And Baking Soda

Baking soda is a product which is available in the kitchen of almost every household. You should add baking soda to your shampoo and rub the mixture on the hair properly before washing the hair. This home remedy would naturally help in attaining thick hair.

Blow Dry The Hair Poperly

The technique of blow drying the hair in a proper manner also plays a vital role with respect to adding volume to thin and fine hair.

Keep Hairs Thicker

In order to attain the appearance of thick hair, it is advised to blow dry the hair upside down after the hair washing process. This technique of blow drying the hair would help in imparting volume to thin hair.

Provide Warm Oil Massage Treatment To The Hair Twice A Week

In order to naturally improve the health and thickness of the hair, you need to massage the scalp at least twice in a week with warm oil like olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil, so as to stimulate the hair follicles for growth. Regular scalp massage would also aid in improving the health and thickness of the hair.