How To Thicken Womens Thinning Hair


thinning hair As beautiful and healthy hair is considered to be an asset and personifies the appearance of a person outwardly. Having healthy and thick hair is every woman’s want and a desire. Hair loss has become very common now a days and is a most a distressing state causing an embarrassment to a person.

Thinning of hair can be caused by emotional breakdown, excessive pressure, imbalance in hormones, application of wrong cosmetics, pollution etc. To attain a voluminous look there are various ways and remedies which one can adopt without much effort and time. They are:-

Ways To Thicken Womens Thinning Hair

Application Of Proper Products

The chemicals present in various products might cause thinning of hair and cause hair fall. A variety of products are offered by the salons to add a volume and shine to the hair. The person has to decide which product is the best and right.


A variety of serums, shampoos, balms should be applied through the entire hair. Shampoos with oil and cleansers that stimulate and enhance growth should be used instead of normal shampoos. Conditioners which contain aloe vera and coconuts are recommendatory. Proper hair spa treatments should be taken to enhance the thickening of hair.

Taking Proper Care

Hair being very gentle and breakable should be cared for and should be handled gently. Improper handling may cause breaking off and drying of hair. Proper care and handling may improve the quality and the thickness of the hair.

wide-tooth comb

At regular intervals hair should be washed and not every day since the scalp does not get enough time to produce oil which protects the scalp and keep it healthy. After a shower the hair should be gently rubbed and proper combing with a comb having wide tooth helps in removal of tangles.

Abstain From External Heating

External or forced heat through hair dryers, hair straighteners, curlers etc. should all be avoided since they burn the hair and extract all the nutrients from the hair. After the shower the hair should be left to dry and then gently stroked with a towel.

hair blow

Harsh rubbing of hair may cause the hair to become dry and may cause hair fall. Coloring, dyeing of hair might infuse chemicals into the hair and may enhance and promote the texture of the hair.

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A Proper Styling

Getting a proper professional haircut from a good stylist helps us attain good and fine hair. Layered and razor haircuts should be avoided but the haircut having the same length is an excellent pick.

hair cut

This is a good way to add volume to the hair and makes the hair more appealable and neat. A proper trimming of hair at regular intervals of six weeks can help in reducing split ends and eventually the breaking of hair gets reduced.

A Healthy Diet

A proper diet helps in proper stimulation of growth and helps us attain beautiful hair. For a healthy scalp and hair foods containing omega-3 fatty acids should be consumed.


Foods enriched with vitamins A and C spinach and other leafy vegetables is very good. The intake of these help in producing sebum which gives shine to the hair.