How To Tighten A Bun Hairstyle

Flaunting a hair bun is the most formal hairstyles a girl can opt for. If a girl desires to display a classy yet non casual look on any occasion be it her wedding night or her prom night or any formal function whatsoever, her best selection will be to flaunt a nice and neat hair bun which would enhance the beauty of her face to a great extent.

One can choose from a stylish and vast range of hair buns according to the look one wish to go with. Here are four eye catching tightened hair buns you can flaunt on any occasion.

Attractive Bun Hairstyles For Girls

The Polished Ballerina Bun 

The polished ballerina bun is the most common hair up do found among women. This bun is a classic bun which consists of the hair being neatly tied back to make a tight ballerina bun. This is simple and easy to make. To get this look, your hair should be straight and not curly or even wavy or else the polished finish will not be present in the bun. Then take your hair and then comb it to detangle the hair.

Ballerina Bun

Now divide the hair into several sections and then using a heated straightener, flat iron the sections to get perfectly smooth hair. You can also apply a little bit of serum to the hair to add gloss and shine to the hair. Now tie the hair into a pony and then swirl it neatly to make it into a bun. Note that there should not be loose strands of hair coming out; if so secure the loose tendrils by means of bobby pins.

The Braided Bun 

The braided bun is a very intricate bun. This bun is easy to make but is a little more time consuming compared to the polished ballerina bun as the bun consists of a braid. Your hair should first be combed neatly and gently and made tangle free before you start braiding it.

Braided Bun

To get this look, divide your hair into three sections and then braid your hair by placing one section of hair on to another in a systematic manner to get a smooth long braid. Now take that braid and swirl it in a round manner to get a braided bun. This bun hence ends up looking very creative and formal at the same time.

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The Twisted Chignon Bun 

The twisted chignon bun is a very pretty and graceful hairstyle. This bun is extremely stylish and classy in its own way. To get this look, first flat iron or blow-dry the hair by dividing the hair into a number of sections so that the hair is smooth and there is no trace of bends or curls in the hair.

Twisted Chignon Bun

Now take the hair and make it into a pony. Take that pony, rope twist it and then swirl it in a clock wise or an anti clock wise manner to make it into a chignon bun. Secure the bun with bobby pins.

The Side Braided Bun 

Side Braided Bun

The side braided bun is a twist on the braided bun as here the braid is in the form of a side braid on any side of the parting hence looking very beautiful on the wearer. The remaining hair is then simply swirled and made into a neat tight bun.