How To Treat Frontal Baldness

Cure baldness Frontal baldness refers to hair loss from the front portion of the head. Initially, the sufferer would notice only a few strands of hair falling from the head.

However, if the issue is not taken care of in the initial stage, the number of hair fall would gradually increase, consequently resulting in baldness one day.

Frontal baldness basically occurs due to genetic disorder, and is therefore quite difficult to avoid. However, there are certain ways to take care of the issue.

With the help of following a proper hair care regimen, consuming certain drugs and going for over the counter treatments, the issue of frontal baldness can be dealt quite effectively. Let us here discuss about a few effective ways to treat frontal baldness.

Tips To Treat Frontal Baldness

Consult Your Physician

First of all, you need to consult your physician and explain him the issue you are facing. The physician might like to undertake certain laboratory tests to determine the cause of the problem. He might also suggest you to consult a specialist in hair losstreatment if the condition is critical.

Over The Counter Treatments

There are several kinds of over the counter available treatments which help in treating hair loss issue. Frontal baldness can be treated in most of the cases with the use of Rogaine, enriched with minoxidil as one of active ingredients.

Rogaine is available in the form of lotion, which can be applied on the bald areas of the head to deal with frontal baldness issue. It is suggested to apply the solution twice in a day to notice effective results.

Hair Loss Drug

Cure baldness

Propecia has been proved to be an effective drug for hair loss. This drug is available on prescription, and the sufferer of frontal baldness needs to take it at least for one year to notice effective results.

Hair Transplantation

In case, over the counter treatments and prescribed drugs do not help to treat frontal baldness, you can go for hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is a surgical process of hair loss restoration, in which a few strands of hair are taken from the hair growth areas and transplanted onto those areas of the head which do not have hair.

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This treatment requires an expert surgeon. Also, the treatment is quite expensive. Further, the treatment may require more than one sitting. It may also have some side effects. Taking into consideration all these factors, this treatment for frontal baldnessshould be considered as the last alternative.


Treat baldness

Herbs like saw palmetto and nettle root can also help in the treatment of frontal baldness. These herbs should be consumed in small quantity every day to treat hair loss.

Scalp And Hair Care

Apart from the aforementioned tips to treat frontal baldness, it is also important for an individual to follow a healthy hair and scalp care regimen. Massaging the scalp regularly with an essential oil can play wonders and encourage hair growth in bald areas of the head.

You also need to follow a proper diet plan, which consists of all healthy food products like milk, yogurt, fish, cereals, whole grains, green vegetables and fruits. The nutrients contained in these foods would certainly boost up hair growth.