How To Treat Hair Loss In Teenagers

teenage hair loss Hair loss is usually associated with adults and for individuals who have the problem from generations. No matter what age, hair loss is a nuisance. Teenagers are very conscious about the way they sport themselves in terms of clothing and style.

With problems like hair fall it can be a tough task to maintain the natural self as it makes them nervous and conscious. Here are some healthy habits you can introduce if you are a teenager facing this hideous hair loss problem.

Hair Loss In teenagers

Use Baby Shampoo

Use of chemical based products can be a cause for the loss of hair at teen age. The hair is delicate and combined with the hormonal changes the teenager in undergoing can lead to loss of hair.

baby shampoo

It is therefore suggested that you use mild baby shampoo regularly to keep the scalp clean and for better health of your hair. Lathering gently on wet scalp and do not rub rigorously, baby shampoo can be used on hair daily.

Style Hair With Caution

Heavy styling with the use of irons and curlers damage hair and make follicles weak; eventually leading to hair loss. Blow drying takes off the moisture from the hair and make it weak and dry.

hair starightener

Thus limit the use of styling tools and set them to low. It is also advised to avoid using hair color, sprays and gels on the hair regularly as it leads to damage. Also do not keep the hair tied up very tightly for long, when making hairstyles involving braids. Allow air to pass through the hair.

Eat A Balanced Diet

You barely see teenagers eating home cooked healthy food. Their life mostly revolves around the junk and street food which leads to overall deteriorated health. It is necessary to understand that protein, iron, vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients for good hair.

heathy diet

To prevent hair loss, include a lot of fruits, salads, vegetables, eggs, meat, fish and juices in your diet to maintain the strength of immune system and keep yourself hydrated. Eat a nutritional and healthy food.

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Adolescence brings about a lot of changes in human body. Teenagers going through the phase need counseling and the experiences of the adults to outgrow the shyness of this phase. It is often seen that teenagers are not able to communicate their queries at home, school or friends leading to a stressful condition.


This stress can be a cause of negative side effects, hair loss being one of it. It is therefore necessary to reduce stresses among teens through proper communication. Yoga and meditation also helps.

Stop Hair Abuse

Excessively tight hair dos, brushing of wet hair with force to detangle, bleaching, perming etc. are all methods to torture your hair. Do not use force on the hair. It can cause damage beyond repair. Let your hair to air dry after shampoos and avoid excessive rubbing from towels. It weakens the follicles and leads to hair fall. Another common mistake is washing your hair with hot water. Wash hair with cold or lukewarm water to keep those beautiful strands intact.