How To Untangle Bad Tangles


How To Untangle Bad TanglesHair tangles can be extremely painful and tiresome for a person suffering from this hair problem. Hair tangles, hair snarls or matted hair is a sign of hair damage, improper hair care and hair dryness. Some people suffer from this problem because of exposure to chemicals, heat and humidity whereas others have naturally curly hair that can get tangled and messy.

To untangle bad tangles and to make sure that you do not suffer needlessly from it, it is very important to choose the right hair care products that help in addressing these hair care problems. Here are some simple quick fix remedies that you can try at home to remove those bad tangles and get beautiful hair.

Detangling Hair Tangles

Eliminate The Cause of Hair Tangles

This step is very important as finding out the cause for hair snarls will make it easier for you to get rid of them. Some people have hair tangles because they do not wash their hair regularly while others suffer from this problem because of excessive styling and use of hair dyes and other chemicals. If you have damaged hair due to styling the use hair products specially formulated for damaged hair.

Hair Care Is Important

Proper hair care which includes washing the hair at regular intervals and combing them after every few hours is very important. Do not comb wet hair or rub your wet hair too hard with a towel as it can cause hair damage and breakage.

Keep Hair healthy

One of the main reasons why hair tends to get matted is because of dirt and sweat. When dirt and grime sticks to dirty hair it causes hair snarls. Wash your hair regularly and always protect your hair with a scarf or cap when stepping out

Use A Conditioner

After shampooing your hair, it is important to use a good conditioner. After washing the hair, apply the conditioner from the middle of the hair strands to the tips and let it stay on for some time before washing it off. The conditioner moisturizes your hair and prevents hair damage and tangles. Instead of buying conditioners from the market you can also use homemade conditioners made from yogurt and eggs to keep your your hair soft and shiny.

Using Detangling Products

There are many detangling products available in the market including leave in conditioners and spray detanglers. After washing your hair apply the product on wet hair and then using a wide toothed comb gently remove the hair tangles. If the tangles are extremely bad then split the hair into sections and gently comb each section while removing the tangles with your fingers or a comb. There are many salon treatments like protein hair treatment that can help in detangling extremely stubborn tangles.

If the hair is extremely damaged then these methods of removing tangles can only provide temporary relief. To avoid it you will need to cut off the damaged sections of the hair. To avoid having to snip of your locks it is important to take care of your hair and protect it from the factors that might damage it.


Parul Solanki