Impressive Famous French Hairstyles

Famous French Hairstyle When you study about the influence of history in the world of fashion, you might be amazed to know that the French style is a class apart. It ranges from Marie Antoinette to Bridget Bardot, the world awes at the French hairstyles they flaunted.

The pompadour was popular after Madam Pompadour who belonged to France. These famous French hairstyles continue to rein the fashion world even now.

Popular French Hairstyles

Marie Antoinette Hair Style

The popular style called Belle Poule was popular during this period as the hair featured 3 feet high naval vessels. Around the 60s era women wore raised hair styles with the help of pads and pomades.

]Marie Antoinette french Hair Style

They also wore hair wigs made with horse hair as Marie made this a trend with her towering hair style which were created after spending elaborate time on it.

French Twist With Bardot’s

This yesteryear beauty wore long blonde hair left hanging down or held high after teasing it and tying it as French twist in the back. You can try with a volumising product to get the desired effect. You can also try with big rollers to add fullness to your hair.

French Twist With Bardot’s

Now tease your hair so that it is fuller on the crown and with the help of firm hold products and pins make sure the hair stays lifted. Secure your hair into a loose ponytail and twist slowly. Now with a hand on the pony tail base, fold the pony tail to reach the half size of its original size. Twist it again until it blends well and secure with pins to have a hidden effect.

Bob Hairstyle

This is one among the famous French hairstyles which was noticed after the Joan of Arc. This bob hairstyle became very popular during the World war I. The nurses were required to cut their hair short to maintain the sanitary conditions of the injured soldiers during the war. Later in the 20s the bob hairstyle was made popular in the United States. This remained in style for many decades together.

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French Roll

This French hairstyle is another popular updo but requires a bit of time to style it. This hairstyle features the look of the hair rolling inward. You have to comb your hair on the top from the front and bring all the hair from your forehead at the back.

French Roll

Tie your hair and secure into a pony tail at its off center. Now turn it into a clockwise direction. Now tuck the hair away and fold it. Pull it back into a looped knot. Now secure with Bobby pins and bring it in to desired shape.

French Plaits

This is a very popular French hair style as you can style it in any way you wish to and feature as many braids you wish to. This is very similar to ordinary braiding where the sections of hair can be braided left over and the center and right over and center. Remember to add some hair from the scalp and add it while braiding and when you cross the nape the whole of the hair must be used.

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