Jane Fonda Hairstyle


If you have short and straight hair but cannot find a nice haircut that suits your personality, then check this out. This hairstyle of Jane Fonda has jagged cut layers across the hair. These layers give a wonderful shape to the flicks and create an impressive hairstyle.

It is suitable for all kinds of hair texture but it will look the best on a long-shaped face. If you have an oval, oblong, diamond and square-shaped face, you can try out this haircut. You can make this hairstyle on any formal occasion.

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Styling Steps

1. Dampen your hair and make use of a styling mousse. Apply it all over your hair. This will add hold to your hair and give better results.

2. For shorter hair, one can use a small radial brush. It adds body to your hair. Also, if you have long hair, you can add curls by using this brush. An effective radial brush is the one that has pure bristles. The bristles protect your hair from getting damaged.

3. Blow-dry your hair from the back. Take a section of your hair. The brush needs to be placed on the top of this section so that you can start blow-drying. Now, keep the blow-dryer under this section and start blow-drying till the ends. Move the blow-dryer along with the brush outwards. You can also roll the ends up in the brush in case you want fuller flicks. You only need to apply heat for a longer time.

4. Blow-dry your hair from the sides to kick them out. Take out some portion of your hair from the front. Clip the remaining hair. Keep your brush on the top of this portion at the roots and start blow-drying. Maintain a consistent tension throughout the process of blow-drying. Keep your blow-dryer under this section and blow-dry till the ends. Repeat this process till your hair are completely dry.

5. Blow-dry your hair from the left side. Take some portion of your hair from your template to your ear. It should not be more than the width of the brush. Keep the brush on top of this portion at its roots. Start blow-drying and pull your hair backwards. Once this portion is dry, repeat the same step on another section of your hair.

6. Repeat the same process mentioned in Step No. 5 at the right side.

7. Take some wax on your fingertips and pinch the ends slightly.

8. Take some amount of hard wax and apply it on the roots. Rub it properly so that your strands are lifted for soft volume.

9. Use some amount of wax to pinch your hair for getting texture. Smooth the wax on your fingers before pinching it at the ends of the hair.

10. Use some amount of wax and style your bangs forward. Run it through your bangs and pinch at the ends. This will give a textured and feathered effect.

11. Apply some lacquer. This will add a strong hold to your hair.

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