Jennifer Aniston Hairstyle

A common yet in vogue, this hairstyle of Jennifer Aniston is here to stay. The sides of the hair have medium and long layers. The same pattern is followed at the back of the hair. Waves are added from the mid-lengths to the ends. This gives style and shape to the hair. Overall, this hairstyle gives a flirty look.

It is suitable for the women who have a round-shaped face. It will also suit a triangular, heart, square and oval-shaped face. The best part of this hairstyle is that it can be maintained very easily. You just need to get a regular trimming after four to six weeks. If you have long and wavy hair, go for this hairstyle.

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Styling Steps

1. Take some amount of styling mousse and apply it on your damp hair. Use your palms so that you can distribute it evenly across your hair. A hold will be added by the styling mousse to your hair. It helps in getting effective results.

2. Smooth out your long, wavy and curly hair with a medium radial brush. It will also add body to your hair. Always select the right brush. It should have pure bristles. This will not let your hair get damaged.

3. Start blow-drying from the back. Take a portion of your hair and place the brush under it. Hold the dryer over your hair. Now, pull your brush starting from the roots through the mid-lengths to the ends. Follow your brush with the blow-dryer and maintain the tension throughout this step. Curve your hair inside from the ends. Repeat this process and dry your hair completely.

4. Now, you need to blow-dry your hair from the left side. Take some volume of hair from the temple to your ear. This area should be less than the width of your brush. Keep the brush on the top of this section and start blow-drying from your roots. While blow-drying, pull your hair backwards. Repeat this process till your hair are dry. Once it is done, start the same process on another section of your hair behind this section.

5. Blow-dry your hair from the right side. Follow the same process mentioned in Step No. 4.

6. Take a minimal quantity of wax on your fingertips. Pinch and piece the ends of your hair gently.

7. Add shine to your hair by using smoothing shine. Use your palms to apply it from the mid-lengths to the ends. You must remember that if you use smoothing shine in a large quantity, it will make the hair oily and they will look pulled down. It is because smoothing shine is heavy on your hair.

8. Make a light use of the hairspray. Spray it all over your hair from an arms length distance. Do not use a lot of hairspray as it might add a flaky white residue that can be mistaken as dandruff.

This completes the hairstyle. You only need to spare 30 minutes to make this funky hairstyle.

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