Latest Hair Trends For Stylish Men

Latest Hair Trends For Stylish Men

Latest Hair Trends For Stylish MenWomen do envy for the fact that a man’s hair grows faster than theirs which gives them an opportunity to keep changing their hairstyles quite often. This is really not the case for women especially those who plan to keep their hair long. Men do have some advantage and can try a whole new look every time they are getting ready for an occasion.

Hair Care Made Extremely Simple

Men love to be practical and it not only applies to what they wear but also what hair style they carry. Men are practical and that is an inborn quality, they try keeping the look simple and all they opt for is a distinctive shower gel that smells good but you also need a rich shampoo that can boost your hair growth for you to try different hair styles.

Men hair trends usually evolve slowly but they come with a lot of variety, the latest trend of 2012 have some connection with the trends of the past. There is so much for you to try and this article can make you look even more trendier.

Brit Rock Indie Hairstyle

The look has created a revolution, it is something that is easy to carry and equally easy to maintain. The hairstyle has been inspired by the British indie band and perfect for those who are looking for a relaxed appeal.

Brit Rock Indie Hairstyle

The thumb rule here is, sweep your hair to the front. Men with a devil-may-care attitude can carry this look well, give your self a rockstar feel who is nonchalant. The hair on the top has to be long to cover your forehead and the sides clean and mid range.

Best suited for: Wavy hair, straight hair, manageable curly hair

Slicked Back Undercut

Undercuts became popular after the popularity of few selected TV shows especially the Boardwalk Empire. With its origin in 1920s it has a classic root to it and offers you a very polished look.

Slicked Back Undercut hairstyle

The highlight of the cut is its short sides and back. If you are looking for a clean chic look then this is just the right cut, keep the middle section longer and ask your stylist to cut the sides short with a clipper. This hair cut is all about giving you a sharp and finished look particularly at the back and around the ear.

Best suited for: Straight hair

Slicked Hair With Side Parting

This is an ultimate classic and favorite for men who love to stay formal. This hair style is all about how you get the cut. You get a nice and tidy cut but the classic overtone will fade away very soon.

Slicked Hair With Side Parting hairstyles

You need a cut that is shorter on the side and relatively longer towards the center. And the thumb rule is to maintain clean and straight side parting. Get the edges of your hair trim for a refined look, wet look with clean partition looks absolutely stunning and professional.

Best suited for: Straight hair, slight curly hair that can be straightened, people with receding hairline.

Short Curls And Waves

Metrosexual was the buzz word in 2011 that gave a boost to a masculine edge but masculinity didn’t appeal much with a polished look. It asked for a rough appeal that came naturally with the curly hair. 2012 hair styles is all about a neat hair cut that can never come with long sides.

Short Curls And Waves hairstyles

Even this follows the same thumb rule of longer on the top and shorter on the sides. If needed use a clipper to chop the side and this looks good with the curls that are easy to manage so do not force it over the tight curls. Make use of curl controller gel to make your curls look light and easy, hardening gels are a complete no for this hair style.

Best suited for: Naturally curvy hair

Curly Mop Top

Not too big for an afro look but mop top is quite close to Brit-rock hairstyle perfect for curly hair. Wear the look for a bohemian festival or for a head banging rock concert and all you need is some extra confidence to carry it off. Curls are at times hard to control but all you should ask for is a blunt cut without touching the length.

Curly Mop Top hairstyles

Get a clean look with some curl cream for a textured look, make use of a diffuser if you are using a hairdryer and the cream has to applied before you dry your hair. Manage those extra curles and create natural curves with your fingers for a wavy hairstyle.

Best suite for : Natural curls with enough length