Latest Summer Hairstyles For Kids

Summer Hairstyles For Kids

Summer Hairstyles For Kids Summer is here and you want your kid to look fashionable. It’s easy, get a new summer hairstyle for your kid. If your kid is joining school this summer give him or her a hairstyle that would impress everyone and also beat the heat. Hairstyling is the extension of oneself. It is as important for kids as it is for men and women. All parents should spend a little more time and money for your kid’s hairstyle.

Want your kid to enjoy this summer by outdoor playing and swimming, then let them have good hairstyle that don’t come in between their play and fun. Give your child a chance to be confident by just giving him the hairstyle that suits him. Let him flaunt his summer hairstyle among his friends and cousin’s. Choose latest summer hairstyle for your kid among the below shown hairstyles.

Best Summer Hairstyles for Kids

Short Messy Look

For boys who want to look messy yet comfortable in sweaty summers can cut their hair short. Put some gel product on the front n mess it or spike it with hands to give a stylish yet casual summery look.


They are always fashionable. Girls, who love their long hair and don’t want to chop them, can make braids of different types to avoid dirt and tangling.


Small thin braids from sides can be added to the big braid to give a very sweet look to your girl. Loose braids from both the sides hanging over her shoulders are another way you could braid your girl’s hair.

Buzz Cut

Another interesting hairstyle for your son is buzz cut. The hair is clipped with the help of a hair clipper to the 1/4th of an inch length. You would not require worrying about his hair for months. The unruly hair would be gone and he would look smart too.

Hair Band with Ponytail

You could make your girl wear stylish hair bands and give her a cute look with the advantage of her hair being pushed back and not falling on her face. Then you could brush them backward into a high over the crown ponytail tied with an elastic band matching the colour of her hair band.

Layered Cut for your Boy

Parents who don’t want their boy to have very short hair can make their son sport this hairstyle. It is also a good style for summers.

Layered Cut for your Boy

It is short and tapered from sides and back, it has longer top length. Fringes and choppy look can be given to it. This is clean from sides and back so helps beating the summer and the hair is not too short.

Bun for Little girl

Your little girl could also carry a bun. You could comb her hair back and tie a high bun. You could place and elastic band of a nice colour to go with her dress with baby hair clips placed on two sides or one side. This is going to keep her hair managed and she would look cute with those clips and bun. You could also make thin braids from sides and then bun it up.