Latest Urban Hairstyles For Men

urban hairstyle Hairstyles are an integral part of the fashion industry and creating an out of the box and trendy look just as clothes and accessories. With the growing desire to look attractive and leave a lasting impression on people around, there has been a constant revolution in the hairstyle industry as well.

This not only makes the person look well groomed but also stylish by breaking the monotony of the appearance. However, before you actually choose a hairstyle there are various factors like hair length, hair condition and face shape to be considered along with aspects like age, weather and personal choices and hair color. Also, the hairstyles will differ completely for men from that of women.

Talking about hairstyles, modern is the keyword for many of the men who are looking for something distinguished and unique. Urban kind of hairstyles is definitely the ‘in’ thing right now for most of the men who likes fashion and wants to create a bold and young personality. This hairstyle guide below lists down the latest trends in urban hairstyles for men from whom they can pick according to their needs and desires-

Best Modern Hairstyles For Men

Mohawk in Fanned Style

This is a stylish, bold and one of the rock look where urban hairstyles for men are concerned. In fact, a lot of Goth rockers and skateboarders are seen flaunting the fanned Mohawk hairstyle with ease and comfort. In this kind, the hair is shaved from both the sides of the head. This leaves behind a growth of hair in the center in the shape of a strip.

Mohawk in Fanned Style

Herein, the length of the hair will actually decide the shape and height of the Mohawk. Gel can be used to style the hair each time you move out of the house which will also keep it in place for prolonged time periods. The hair is pulled up until it is completely straight. By grasping the hair you can create clumps and spikes.

Harajuku Hair Style

For men who want to create a fashion statement which is edgy and sharp should definitely opt for harajuku. It is definitely one of the top notch options for men who have long length of hair. The hairstyle first needs you to bleach the hair white so that neon dyes can work well on them and be more visible.

Harajuku Hair Style

Once done, the style calls for a razor movement that removes chunks of hair and leaves behind a clumpy look. Basically it is one of the urban hairstyles that go with the Gothic clothing style or punk styles.

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Rockabilly Style of Hair

Another very ideal urban hairstyle for men is the Rockabilly also known as Pompadour style. The mantra for the fashion world is Old is New, this is one hairstyle that proves it completely. It is straight from the past but one that is so much in demand currently.

Rockabilly Style of Hair

It comes from the 50’s which needs thick hair which is longer in length at the top and the back as compared to the sides. The hair is greased and is combed backwards from the forehead. The pomade can be worked on with the help of your hands and the crown is fluffed to gain some height of the hair on the top.

Clean Bald Look

One of the many bold and urban hairstyles for men that are very much in vogue is to clear away all the hair and have a clean shaven look.

clean bald hairstyle

Though this is one hairstyle that not every man has the courage to try, but then it is definitely one that has an urban look to itself.