Layered Messy Hairstyles For Women

Effortless is key to a great messy hairstyle. One way to get the perfect messy hairstyle is to get a layered haircut that can be styled and yet look unkempt.

Messy hairstyles can look chic, modern, and stylish but the key is to make it look as natural as possible. Without the naturalness, the look can look made up and artificial.

Best Messy Layered Hairstyles

To make a perfect messy look, check into a number of techniques that can help you make your hair messy. Few of the best technique is backcombing the hair or braiding it when it is wet. Though it might seem simple, achieving a messy hairstyle is not that easy.

Incorporating layers is a great way to do so and when you combine your layers with hair products such as wax and hair gel it can help in pinning up the best and most natural looking messy hair style.


Inside-out Fishtail Braids

One of the popular layered messy hairstyles is braids. To make it, start by smoothening the hair and deep side part the hair. Next, braid the section and secure it loosely with an elastic band. End the styling, by loosening a few strands and let it frame the face.

Messy Bun

If you are looking for a hairstyle that is perfect for a special function or event, opt for a messy bun. To create the perfect messy bun, start by tying the hair into a loose ponytail at the back of the head.

Messy Bun Style

Twist the ponytail into a loose bun and secure it with bobby pins. Once the bun is in position, mess up the hair and tease out a few tendrils that frame the face. Finish the styling by using a hair spray which helps in keeping the messy look messy.

Side Part

Another great messy hairstyle option is to create a deep side part. Next, use a smoothening cream to make small sections of the hair which you can gently twist. Lastly, secure the twisted hair with bobby pins. If you want to keep a few strands loose, gently scrunch to make it look even messier.

Loose Waves

Loose Waves

Layered hair is a preferred haircut for wavy hair. Make layered wavy hair look messy by creating loose curls with a curling iron. Finish the styling by using your fingers to tousle the hair and loosen the curls.

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If you think that an updo is a formal look then think again because you can create a messy updo too with your layered hair. Start by splitting the hair in the middle and sectioning the hair and gathering each section at the nape with bobby pins.

Shag Cut

Heavily layered hair can look great with a shag style which also incorporates bangs. To make it look messy, use highlights or simply use a mousse to texturize the hair layers.

shag cut

Once you have applied the mousse, blow dry the hair while using you hair to scrunch and tease the layers into the position of your choice.

Textured Crop

Made famous by a number of celebrities, this is a great style that features messy layers of medium and short length hair. For a perfect textured crop, ask your stylist to cut the hair short at the sides while the hair at the nape is much longer with the front hair short again. With such layered hair, taper the hair ends with hair gel and wax to make it appear messy and trendy.