Lisa Rinna Hairstyle


This hairstyle supported by Lisa Rinna gives an edgy and trendy look. The hairdo has wispy cut layers that provide a defined shape to your hair. The bangs put the face in an accurate frame and give an overall perfect look to your personality.

This hairstyle is best suited for long-shaped face. Even if you have an oval, square, oblong and diamond-shaped face, you can go for it. You need to have short hair and a straight hair elasticity for carrying this hairstyle.

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Styling Steps:

It takes 30 minutes to make this hairstyle. You need moisturizer, wax, hair spray and smoothing shine.

1. Take some moisturizer on your palm and apply it on your hair from the mid-lengths to the ends. Apply it evenly. Moisturizer will keep your hair in a good condition. Your strands are also protected from heat when you style them.

2. Smooth out your curly and wavy hair with the help of a medium radial brush. If you have straight hair, you can add body to them by using the brush. You must choose your brush carefully. Use a brush that has pure bristles so that your hair do not get damaged.

3. Separate a hair section from the back. Keep the brush on the top of the portion. Start blow-drying from your roots. Similarly, keep your blow-dryer under the section and blow-dry till the ends. You must remember to move your blow-dryer and brush outwards. If you want full flicks, roll the ends of your hair into your brush. Apply heat for a long time.

4. Take out some section of your hair from the front. Clip the remaining hair. Now, repeat the same process as mentioned above to kick out the sides of your hair. Repeat the step till your hair are completely dry.

5. Now, you need to blow-dry the crown section. Take some portion of your hair and blow-dry it by keeping the brush below this portion. Move your blow-dryer in an outwards and upwards direction. Repeat the same until your hair are dry.

6. Separate the bangs forward from the rest of your hair. Brush them evenly and bring them forward. Start blow-drying from the roots to the ends. Maintain a consistent tension throughout your hair. Distribute heat across the entire portion of your hair. Repeat the same till your hair are dry.

7. Put some wax on you fingers. Start applying it from the mid-lengths in an upwards and outwards direction. Do not use a lot of wax as it will make your hair greasy.

8. Flick the sides of your hair by pinching them with some wax. Drag your hair downwards and flick the ends out. Do not use a lot of wax.

9. Style your bangs forward by applying some wax. Piece the ends of your hair giving them a textured and feathered effect.

10. Apply a little quantity of smoothing shine from the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair. Do not add it to your roots as it can make your hair oily.

11. Give a finishing touch to your hairstyle by using a hairspray. Do not use a lot of hairspray else it might look like a dandruff.

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