Long Hairstyles For Brown Hair

The key to maintaining a good hairdo with brown hair is its lustre and shine. As most of the hair types do, brown hair also requires special attention for growth and wellness, and to maintain its color and texture.

Coloring, streaking and other ways of maintaining brown hair are very common. Make sure you have the color that suits your skin and eyes for brown hair to work its magic. Here are a few popular hairstyles for brown hair that can be easily made and are easy to maintain as well.

Hairstyles For Long Hair


French, fishtail, triple braided knot, waterfall braids, stacked braid, chain braids etc. are all examples of easy to do braids for all types of hair. Braids keep the hair manageable and healthy too.


If you do not want to lose the sheen of your hair, it is best to keep it braided on a regular basis. Braids also aid hair growth and reduce entanglement of the hair. But make sure you don’t tie tight braids for long periods, it affects the texture and growth of hair adversely.

Long Ponytails

As traditional it is, ponytail gives a classy look as well. It can be carried well from parties to boardrooms and will look apt for the situation. Ponytails can be made as high as right on top of the crown or low up to the neck.


For a different look, knotted ponytail is also a classy make. However, women with wide and broad forehead should avoid making tight ponytails as one, it makes the forehead look even broader and two, makes hair look lean.

Messy Bun

Buns have the widest variations to suit the need of the hour. From a tidy classy and formal French bun or sock bun, to a messy bun for a casual look it has been in fashion forever.

Messy Bun Style

Buns stay in place all day long, and can be accessorized with the need of time in more than hundred different styles. It is probably the easiest way to deal with long hair in less than a minute. Carry it with strands falling loose, side part or fringes.


If you have long and thin hair, nothing works better than stacked curls. Curls not only add volume to thin hair, but also make hair appear longer than they actually are. It is always a good idea to curl up long hair if you have the time and patience for it.


Highlights and slight pinups on the side or centre also make you look drop dead gorgeous, done right. Flat hair gets its bounce and sheen with curls.

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Hair Bow

hair bow

This is undoubtedly up to you to experiment with your look with this bow. For straight and long hair, leave the back falling loose and make a big bow at the front on the crown or at the back of your head, a bit on the high side. This sounds more time tacking than it actually is, but is a formal look for people with a huge volume of hair, to manage the heaviness of your hair.