Look Classy With Shoulder Length Haircuts For Men

Shoulder Length Haircuts For Men

Shoulder Length Haircuts For Men Men can look their best even if they have long hair as hair of medium length is universally accepted even if it comes to work place. There are lots of shoulder length haircuts for men that one can choose from to look different and to spice up the look. The only thing that is bothering about this type of hair cut is that it requires a lot of maintenance.

If you are a male with medium length hair, you can opt for different hair styles that would add a hint of style to your appearance. With the availability of various options open in front of you, you can choose wisely the one that would best suit you based on the texture of your hair and the shape of your face.

Shoulder Length Haircuts for Men to Look Different

These hairstyles are derived to offer a trendy yet classy look. However, you are required to discuss in detail about the hair cut to get the desired effect.

Bowl Look

You can choose from the haircut that would feature long bangs brushed to the forehead to offer a bowl like look. This hairstyle is highly popular in fashion shows and ramps.

Bowl Look

Source: http://web2look.com/latest-hairstyles-for-mens/?pid=3765

While opting for this kind of hair style, you need to be careful that your bangs are not very heavy as it might spoil the entire look. Add a dash of matte for the exact look as a shine serum would spoil the look.

Messy Curls Style

If you have naturally curly hair, then you can opt for the hairstyle that involves the sides and back of your hair to be combed downwards and left filled with messy curls style. You can have a wet look by applying pomade or gel it to hold firmly. These shoulder length haircuts for men are a hit among men as it requires very less maintenance.

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Shaggy type of Shoulder Length Haircuts for Men

Shaggy look for Wavy Hair

You can also opt for the shaggy parted hair look if you have a wavy hair. This tapered look hairstyle involves a fussy hair style that requires a professional hair stylists’ help to create a shaggy base and slight curls.

Shaggy look for Wavy Hair

Source: http://www.slevnam.cz/cs/pansky-strih-vcetne-myti-suseni-a-stylingu-pouze-95/

Choose a leave on conditioner and a spray to hold the shags for longer time. This hair style would require you to spend a lot of time to get the desired look and hence you are required to be patient. You can also maintain it as a wet look.

Messy Shaggy Look

There is also another type of shaggy cut that offers a messy look while gaining a lot of attention. This fashionable hairstyle would involve cutting the front locks to medium lengths and brushing it forward to cover your forehead and stop just above your brows. This would offer a neat and chic look to you and can be styled in very less time. Apply a shining serum to add shine to your locks.

Ponytail, Braiding

You can also experiment your looks with shoulder length haircuts for men by tying it as a ponytail, braiding it or trying to part your hair at different sides or in the middle to offer a different look.

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