Look Great With Black Prom Hairstyles For Girls

Prom Updo Hairstyles

Going to the prom can be a memorable for a high school student. Teenagers have a lot of hairstyles to choose from to look their best on a prom night. Always make it a point to choose a best hairstyle from black prom hairstyles for girls that will last longer the entire night. Find a hairstyle that you feel comfortable and stylish. It should compliment your prom dress and enhance your facial features.

Black Prom Hairstyles For Girls

Up dos

Prom Updo Hairstyles

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Up dos have a look of sophistication and offers a sleek look while attending a prom. You can try to make flat twists on the front with cork screw ponytail curls at the top. You can also opt for variation such as trying cornrows at the back of the head and adding a crinkly bun at the top to enhance the cornrows.

Ponytail having slicked end look

Another variation would be to tie a ponytail with a slicked end look. Spice it with jewels or flowers to enhance the hair style. You can also opt for the bun having an unstructured look. This can be a low bun or place one on the midway at the head and neck. Try to make it messy to complement the look.

Side Styles

Comb your hair to one side to have a sweeping effect. Make a side pony tail smooth look and complement it with bangs on the front. Braid your hair on one side of the hair and let you curls on the other side to have a flowing effect. You can also add hair extensions or weave hair for the effect.

Side Styles

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If you have layered hair, then you can try to part your hair with bangs covering your eye. Experiment the same look with straightened hair or loosely curled hair. You might also look good with a twist on your one side and a low pony tail on the other.

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Half and half hairstyle

This is a huge hit among the other black prom hairstyles for girls as the prom goers can flaunt the two styles at the same time. You can flaunt a pompadour style at the front of your head while leaving the hairs at the back in hanging down style. If you have a natural or relaxed hair, this would be a great style.

You can also try the vintage option of trying hair rolls or a high pony tail of curls. The hair that is left hanging at the back can be offered a wavy look, spiraled or flipped up. Enhance this hairstyle with tiaras, flowers, jewels and butterflies.

Curly Bob

curly bob hairstyle

Source: http://thebestfashionblog.com/haircuts-hairstyles/black-medium-curly-hairstyle-for-2012

There is nothing to beat the look of this hairstyle among the other black prom hairstyles for girls. Use a curling iron to create curls and hold it with firm hold hair spray.

The wrap

Wrap hairstyle looks great for a prom night and is a best choice for black hair. This straight look hairstyle has highlights of light color.

Micro Braids

Turn heads with this hair style as micro braids are classic choice. Pin it down or tie it as a pony tail. You can wear these micro braids as an up do when prom starts and as night approaches offer a dramatic look by letting down the hair.


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