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Mariah Carey Hairstyles

By on July 25, 2012

Mariah Carey is a famous singer, record producer, songwriter and actress. She carries stylish hairstyles that gel very well with her personality. Her hairstyles are the center of attraction at all the events. Read this article to know about the hairstyles of Mariah Carey. These hairstyles will suit different hair textures and face shapes.

Mariah Carey Long Curly Hairstyle

This hairstyle makes Mariah look gorgeous. Her hair are left free to fall over her shoulders. Medium and short layers are added to the back and sides of her hair. This provides bounce and body to the hair from the mid-lengths to the ends. You can use some hairspray to add shine and hold to the hair. This hairstyle will look fabulous on a square, oval, oblong and diamond-shaped face.

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Time required to make a hairstyle: 20 minutes

Mariah Carey Long Wavy Hairstyle

It is an elegant hairstyle. Medium and long layers are added to the sides and back of the hair. A curling iron is used to add waves to the hair. This gives bounce to the entire hairstyle. It can be worn on any occasion. This hairstyle will look good on a square, diamond, oblong and oval-shaped face. You can take some amount of a hairspray and apply it on your hair to get a shiny effect.

Time required to make a hairstyle: 30+ minutes

Mariah Carey Casual Hairstyle

Mariah looks amazing in this casual hairstyle. Her long hair look very different. The ends are cut into layers. This gives a weightless finish to the edges. You can easily maintain it by getting regular trims. This hairstyle will certainly look good on a heart, triangular, square, oval and round-shaped face. You must use the right products to add shine to the hair. However, you must note that a right quantity of hairspray is enough for making your hair look shiny and healthy.

Time required to make a hairstyle: 30+ minutes

Mariah Carey Stylish Hairstyle

It is a beautiful hairstyle that can be worn on any occasion. The length from the mid-lengths to the ends is styled with waves. This gives a nice shape and movement to the hair. If your hair have a fine texture, this hairstyle will surely look good on you. You can wear this hairstyle on a heart, round, triangular and oval-shaped face. You can make your hair look shiny by making use of the right products. This hairstyle can be created on any kind of occasion.

Time required to make a hairstyle: 30 minutes

Mariah Carey Elegant Hairstyle

Mariah gets an elegant look with this sexy hairstyle. It comprises of a unique mix of medium as well as long layers The sides and front section of the hair look beautiful with highlights. This makes the entire hairstyle look glamorous. It will look beautiful on a heart, round, oval, square and triangular-shaped face. It can be easily maintained with regular trimming after 4 to 6 weeks. You can create it on any occasion.

Time required to make a hairstyle: 30 minutes

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